What Does The Government's Covid Roadmap Mean For Your Business?

Following this week's government announcement, the country's roadmap out of lockdown - and away from Covid-19 restrictions - has been laid out.

As well as making it clearer what we can expect in terms of edging ever closer back towards 'normality', the roadmap has also given guidance as to when schools, non-essential shops, hospitality settings and a range of other businesses will be permitted to reopen.


The road to freedom is split into four stages, which will unfold over the coming months and dictate everything from when shops can welcome back customers to when live events will be able to resume. (Events will be piloted no earlier than 17th May, FYI.)

With that in mind, we've rounded up a list of what the roadmap means for your business, school or organisation - and how you can start planning!

When Will Schools & Colleges Reopen In England?

Schools and colleges across England are set to open their doors to teachers and students from 8th March. Breakfast clubs and after-school sporting activities will also be able to recommence.

University students who are unable to work without being on-campus will also be allowed to return to their classes from 8th March; the return of non-campus reliant students will be reviewed by the end of the Easter holidays.  

We have a wide range of social distancing products for schools, including: 

  • Antibacterial Lanyards: ideal for students and staff alike, these branded lanyards contain SteriTouch additives to provide continuous, long term protection against bacteria and mould.
  • Pencil Case Kits: these wipe-clean promotional pencil cases come filled with stationery must-haves, including a pen, pencil, rubber, ruler and more.
  • Youth's Double Layer Shaped Reusable Face Coverings: with students required to wear face masks in lessons for the first few weeks of their return, these branded face masks are ideal.

When Are Non-Essential Shops Permitted To Open?

Non-essential shops will be allowed to reopen no earlier than 12th April, with 'social contact' rules still in place to help minimise the spread of Covid-19. 

Whether your retail business has remained open throughout the lockdown or is preparing to reopen come April, our wide range of promotional items for getting back to business is here to help. Must-consider products include:

  • Antimicrobial Hygiene Key: a must for busy retail environments, these handy hygiene keyrings will help to limit the direct contact your staff have with potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • Calico Antibacterial Ballpens: these branded pens are available for dispatch in as little as just two working days and feature antibacterial additives for that extra hygienic touch in your workplace.
  • Social Distancing Pop Up Banners: if you're keen to remind customers to keep their distance, these unmissable branded banners will do just the trick! 

When Will Pubs & Restaurants Be Open For Business?

Hospitality settings - such as pubs, bars and restaurants - will be permitted to reopen for outdoor table service only from 12th April. Unlike previous restrictions, such as the tiering system, there will be no curfew in place, nor will there be a requirement for customers to order a 'substantial meal' with their drinks.

From May 17th, venues will be allowed to start offering indoor table service to customers, with appropriate social distancing measures in place.

If you're preparing to get your restaurant, pub or bar ready for reopening (whether for indoor or outdoor-only service), we're here to help! Our wide range of printed pub merchandise includes:

  • Classic Garden Parasols: with April home to everything from sunshine to showers, keeping your staff protected from rain and rays alike is a must - and these branded parasols make it a breeze!
  • Cafe Barriers: ideal for helping to break-up outdoor spaces, these cafe barriers are available to order from just one unit, making them ideal for outdoor areas both large and small.

When Can Indoor Leisure Facilities, Such As Gyms, Open Again?

Gyms and health clubs are allowed to reopen from 12th April, with strict guidelines that only one attendee per household is permitted to visit at a time. It's also worth noting that outdoor sports and leisure facilities will reopen from March 29th.

Whether you want to send your customers a promotional item to let them know when you're reopening or are simply looking to top-up your branded merchandise game so you can offer potential clients an incentive to sign up, we've got you covered. Our wide range of fitness promotional products includes:

When Are Personal Care Facilities Permitted To Open?

Hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons across the country will be allowed to welcome customers back from 12th April.

Looking for the perfect finishing touches to get your personal care business looking and feeling as safe and Covid-secure as possible? We'd recommend considering...

  • Clear Roller Banners: ideal for separating one customer space from another, these clear banners will help to maintain the buzz of your salon, whilst also keeping clients appropriately spaced.
  • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers: need to check clients' temperatures before they sit down for their appointment? These neat, fuss-free thermometers will do the trick! 
  • Box Of Type II Face Masks: these disposable face coverings are ideal for keeping in stock, whether they're used by customers or colleagues.

From items for working from home to promotional face masks, Total Merchandise has all the branded products your business could need to help keep its colleagues and customers safe in 2021. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email info@totalmerchandise.co.uk! Main image via Unsplash.

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