Printed Hi Vis Wear

Be A Light In The Dark With Our Branded Hi Vis Workwear

Printed hi vis clothing is a sensible choice to help keep colleagues safe when they’re in the dark, whether they’re working a night shift or commuting home in the cooler months. Whether they’re working outdoors and need a hi vis vest to keep them visible to oncoming traffic or could benefit from a hi vis backpack cover to keep them spottable whilst cycling, look no further than our range of promotional hi vis items.

From luminous vests designed to keep children safe on school trips to reflective armbands for cyclists and runners, Total Merchandise has an assortment of promotional hi vis products available, with all items available to print with your company logo. Browse on to explore our illuminating range of safety-first products!

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Printed hi vis wear

Hi vis clothing and associated accessories are perfect for keeping your colleagues and customers safe when they’re at their most vulnerable. Whether it’s cycling in the dark, walking along a busy road or going for a wintry jog, there are countless situations where fluorescent clothing can help increase visibility. For example: according to research conducted in Denmark in 2017, accident rates amongst cyclists were found to be 47% lower when they wore hi vis vests.

Keep Children Safe On School Trips With Promotional Safety Vests

Our Child Safety Vests are an essential investment for educational establishments, such as nurseries, schools and kids’ clubs. Keeping pupils visible even during daylight hours, they’re a staple item for school trips where children might be walking alongside busy roads; with your school’s branding printed onto them, it can also prove useful if a child wanders off and gets a little lost during a school outing, too!

Tie-In Hi-Vis Merchandise To Road Safety Campaigns For Bright Branding

Our range of hi-vis promotional items make great giveaways to mark a road safety campaign, with items such as the printed reflective armbands and hi vis backpack cover both essential for helping to keep people safe on busy roads, even when there’s limited visibility due to weather conditions.

For higher impact, a promotional hi vis safety jacket can make a great option, especially for colleagues on a building site or working along a roadside or train track. Available in your choice of yellow or orange, this branded safety jacket offers a twist of extra awareness for your business thanks to your logo emblazoned on the front.

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