Promotional Stress Balls

Help Relieve the Stress From Your Promotional Marketing Campaign

There are hundreds of off-the-shelf designs for stress balls and stress toys to choose from but, for something unique, we can create bespoke stress shapes too. Promote your eco credentials with a customised stress globe, stress water drop, stress recycling logos, stress wind turbine or stress energy saving lightbulb. Take the stress out of IT with a branded stress computer, stress mobile phone or stress cloud. Or if transport is part of your business offering or customer base, there are plenty of promotional road, rail and air stress shapes to choose from too, along with stress food, stress animals and stress buildings available for branding.

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Bespoke Stress Shapes
Bespoke Stress Shapes

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81% of people keep promotional products for more than a year, and with something as useful as a stress toy it’s likely to be kept for much longer, creating a positive association with your brand every time it’s picked up or squeezed.

Repeatedly squeezing a stress ball has been shown to release tension, relieve stress and anxiety and boost blood circulation; it can also be used as a tool for meditation. Branded fidget spinners are popular with children and teens and are generally accepted as relieving stress, and as a coping mechanism with anxiety and ADHD. These mental health benefits make customised stress balls and branded fidget spinners a fantastic promotional product for pretty much everyone but could also be aimed at specific audiences including students, health professionals, health care providers and therapists as well as the more traditional audience of business managers and company executives.

With the positive health benefits and associations, any business in the health sector will find a promotional stress ball is a great addition to its marketing toolkit; easy to give away from a trade stand, used as part of a discussion about exercise or therapies, dental care or ways to reduce stress or anxiety, a branded stress toy printed with your logo will be a creative talking point.

Prices start from just 45p for stress ball keyrings and 50p for stress balls, and they come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours. Footballs, tennis balls and cricket balls, hard hats and helmets, love hearts, globes, coffee mugs, animals, vehicles, buildings, fruit, lightbulbs, jigsaws, clouds, people, eyes, teeth and Santa – there literally is an off-the-shelf stress ball or shape to fit any campaign or business message. But if you have something specific in mind or want something unique to your business, customised stress toys can be produced in any shape you like, for example your company logo or a product.

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