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UK branded stress balls and promotional stress toys are ideal corporate giveaways for a variety of marketing campaigns available at great low prices. At some point in their lives, your customers are certain to need relief from stress or even something to keep their hands busy while their minds work. Manufactured from squashy PU foam to relieve tension and stress when squeezed, our stress toys can be printed with your company logo, often in up to full colour print for maximum exposure. We have a host of stress shapes available from the best-selling promotional stress balls and stress cubes to stress cars and stress footballs, or even stress keyrings and corporate branded fidget spinners. We’re certain to have something to advertise your company logo and alleviate stress simultaneously.

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Bespoke Stress Shapes
Bespoke Stress Shapes

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81% of people keep promotional products for more than a year. Branded giveaways as useful as promotional stress toys, however, are likely to be kept for much longer, creating a positive association with your logo every time they are picked up or squeezed.

Repeatedly squeezing a branded stress ball has been shown to release tension, stress and anxiety and boost blood circulation. It can also be used as a tool for meditation, making them ideal business gifts for marketing campaigns related to health, well-being and relaxation such as spas, clinics, healthcare companies and more.

They are also even suitable for simply promoting mental well-being around the workplace in any corporation.

Prices start from just 45p for promotional Stress Ball Keyrings and 50p for our best-selling printed Stress Balls, available in a huge range of colours to suit your brand.

 There are hundreds of standard designs available for our stress toys depending on your industry. For sporting events or sport and fitness related businesses, we have stress footballs, tennis balls or even stress weight lifters. We have stress bricks and stress hard hats for the building or trade industry, stress cars and lorries for the automotive and transport industry, or even stress hearts and stress apples for healthcare or healthy eating campaigns. Whatever your business type or your clientele, we’re certain to have a shape to suit your marketing needs.

 We also have a range of generic shapes that can be adapted to suit any company. Our stress cubes, stress cloud or stress light bulbs can be used to promote any bright idea or business name. Whereas Stress Mood Maniacs and Pop Eye Stress Balls are something a little different certain to draw attention to your campaign with every use.

 If you have something specific in mind or want a unique branded giveaway, promotional stress toys can be produced in any shape you like. If you have some time to your deadline, from just 500 units we can make bespoke shaped stress toys in your company colours, in the shape of your company logo or perhaps a new product that you are releasing. Whatever you want, we can make a branded stress ball unique to your business that is certain to stand out from the crowd.

 Printed stress toys made from stress-relieving PU foam are tried and tested customer favourites, a strong choice of promotional gift to flaunt your brand. But perhaps you feel your customers or members of staff need something more cutting edge to keep their hands busy or to relieve built up stress?

 We have a selection of logo printed fidget spinners available, the new generation of fun, eye-catching corporate giveaway idea available at great low prices. Popular with children, teens and adults alike, our Fidget Cubes and fidget spinner range are generally accepted as relieving stress and even as coping mechanisms for anxiety and ADHD. These mental health benefits make customised stress balls and branded fidget spinners a fantastic promotional product for pretty much everyone, but could also be aimed at specific audiences including students, therapists, healthcare professionals and providers, as well as the more traditional audience of business managers and company executives.

With the positive health benefits and associations, a promotional stress ball printed with your logo is a creative talking point and a useful product for almost any business. A perfect low cost and tactile giveaway for trade shows, a general everyday tool to use as part of discussions about exercise or therapies and more.

Total Merchandise has a wealth of experience to help you find the right product for your business without putting a squeeze on your budget. Request a quote, a free sample or a call back via our website or call our sales team on 01376 509092.