Printed Torch & LED Keyrings

Shine A Light On Your Business With This Bright Idea

Our range of promotional torch and LED keyrings are a brilliant way to illuminate your latest marketing campaign. With a wide range of options to choose from, we have printed products available to suit every budget and customer. According to a relatively recent survey, an incredible 64% of UK adults are reportedly scared of the dark - so by bringing some light into their lives with a branded torch keyring, you could be spreading an invaluable and very comforting marketing message.

Ideal for handing out at trade shows or consumer events, our printed torch and LED keyrings also make excellent promotional giveaways for customers at garages, too, reminding them of your business every time they pick up their car keys. Clever, no?

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Printed torch & LED keyrings

Branded with your company’s logo, our promotional torch keyrings are ideal for spreading the word about your business with ease. Designed to be added onto a bunch of keys, your branded keyring will become a part of the user’s day-to-day life and is a fantastic way to ensure your message stays lit-up in the minds of customers. So why not brighten up your ongoing brand awareness or latest marketing campaign with this fantastically functional merchandise idea?

A Lightbulb Moment For Your Brand’s Marketing

Whether it’s used for a star-lit stroll, a rummage in the loft or on a camping trip, there are countless opportunities for a pocket-sized torch to prove its worth. A branded LED or torch keyring also comes into its own in cases of the unexpected, too: having a torch instantly to-hand is incredibly reassuring in scenarios such as a power shortage or a late-night car breakdown.

In short, a torch keyring branded with your company’s logo will affiliate your company with safety, security and practicality. That’s a trio of brilliant things to be linked with, so why not light up your marketing today?

We Have Printed Torch Keyrings To Suit Every Industry

You can’t go wrong with the timeless Printed Keyring Torch, which boasts three LEDs and an easy-to-use trigger clip; perfect for any business, it is available in five different colours and boasts a pleasingly sleek design. Want to bring some retro-inspired fun to your campaign? Our Rubiks Cube Mini Torch branded keyring could be the perfect choice for you; featuring three chunky twistable cubes, it shows off your logo and branding, has a torch and also offers the user a moment of daily stress-alleviation as they spin the cubes. Talk about a multi-tasker!

On the subject of multi-tasking, the LED Light And Bottle Opener Keyring is also an option that would make a great giveaway for catering industry trade shows or a foodie consumer event. Offering double the functionality, prices begin at just 56p per unit for this simple yet highly practical design, which is available in a quartet of colours.  

After something a little different? The Bespoke PVC LED Keyring Torch can be cut into the shape of your choice and customised as you please. Finally, our bestselling Portland Torch Keyring is suitable for all budget spends, with prices for this classic design beginning from as little as 39p per unit.

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