Promotional Speakers, Headphones & Wearables

Turn Up The Volume Of Your Marketing With These Audio Accessories

Our range of branded speakers and promotional headphones are ideal for adding some fun to your next marketing campaign, making memorable giveaway options for trade events and corporate celebrations. 

So: why choose promotional speakers or headphones for your next marketing giveaway? Whether it’s via speakers or headphones, a significant number of Brits listen to music, podcasts and radio show every day: on the commute, in the office, during a workout… According to research, listening to something while you work can improve productivity levels, as well as help to soothe anxious minds and stress levels. 

In short, as well as generating long-lasting attention for your brand, you’ll also potentially be helping to alleviate workplace worries and keep people’s minds tack-sharp, too. Browse our collection of promotional speakers, headphones and wearable items below to tune-in to the perfect fit for your campaign!

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Promotional Earphone Pods for merchandise gifts
Earphone Pods

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These promotional 3D glasses are ideal for helping your customers enjoy movies and TV shows in 3D.
3D Glasses

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Promotional speakers, headphones & wearables

Branded headphones and printed speakers make excellent promotional giveaways for two very specific reasons. One: the UK is a nation of people who love listening to stuff, be it the radio on the communal office speaker or the latest episode of a favourite podcast on the way home. We love tuning in and zoning out, with audio distraction proven to increase our ability to focus on tasks, minus the distraction of what’s going on around us. 

And for another thing: they make an incredibly effective way to put your brand at the centre of the action, whether via your logo printed onto the side of a speaker or onto the buds on a pair of headphones. Who could possibly resist…?

Let Your Brand Provide The Entertainment With A Promotional Speaker

Perfect for playing a preferred radio station or a colleague-compiled playlist, our promotional speakers are as ideal for playing during a working day as they are for providing entertainment at a party. Items such as our printed Volcano Metal Bluetooth Speakers are ideal for adding a touch of luxe to the occasion, whether it’s a heads-down Wednesday or an end of year bash. 

Available in an elegant trio of colours - namely gold, silver and grey - this sophisticated item will feature your company logo clearly printed on the front, offering a little more recognition for your business every time it’s switched on, turned up, turned off… You get the drift!

Help Set The Tone With Logo-Branded Headphones

We have a wide range of promotional headphones available for you to hand-out at events, exhibitions and colleagues - or even just to your colleagues in-house to encourage concentration. The choice is yours!

Looking for some inspiration? Your customers will love our best-selling Cocoon Earphones, which they will receive in a neat plastic case, printed with your company’s logo. Equally, our branded Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds make a modern techie giveaway that can be paired with most Bluetooth devices; with your logo prominently printed on the case (which neatly doubles as the buds’ charger, too), it guarantees high-octane awareness for your business every time your customer reaches for them. How’s that for a smash hit merchandise idea?

Why not explore the full range of speakers, headphones & wearables we supply, including headphones & earphones, speakers, and smart watches & vr glasses, or take a look at all of our gadgets?