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This is the digital age, but we still love our promotional paper products! From notepads to diaries, Custom branded Notebooks, they’re more popular than ever!

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Behind Every Successful Person is a Promotional Notebook

It’s a bold statement but we know that almost every business person has a notebook on their person and it’s for a few important reasons. There’s no reason why this notebook or notepad can’t be printed with your company’s logo. Whether you plan on gifting employees with some so that they are all uniform and professional when they take them to meetings and out and about, or whether it is to promote your brand to the public by gifting them at trade shows, encouraging brand awareness.

We may all be glued to our phones, but research has shown that millennials still really love to use notebooks. Research has shown that year on year the sales of notebooks, planners and diaries grow. It’s easy to log our schedules in our phone calendar or jot down ideas in the notes section of a mobile but there’s a pull to taking a real diary or notepad to make your notes.

The reason behind this has been suggested to be that whilst people want to be technologically savvy, they also posit aesthetics at the forefront of what they do. A beautiful notebook or diary ticks that box. There is a real ease to using notebooks rather than digital counterparts – it encourages sketches and better brainstorming and research has shown that by physically writing out your ideas rather than typing them you can access another part of your brain where there is a deeper level of thinking.

Notebooks really are a great promotional gift – they encourage people to write everything down whenever they have a new idea. Another paper product that is very popular is sticky notes. They too encourage individuals to complete their tasks and stay on track. A final one we want to mention is diaries. As the year draws to a close ensure that you’ve got your diary for the following year – it seems to be the fashion staple that gets more and more popular every year. Physical diaries can really encourage individuals to stay organised as the notion of writing down the plans taps into a part of the brain to help you remember, whereas when you are simply typing it is far easier to forget the information you have been writing.