Branded Torches

Have A Lightbulb Moment With Our Promotional Torches

Whilst a branded torch might not instantly jump out as the most obvious of marketing materials, it’s actually an incredibly practical item with scope for fun, too. Total Merchandise has an impressive range of stylish torches to choose from, meaning there’s a design to suit every requirement you and your customers might have.

With your company’s logo emblazoned on the side, a promotional torch offers functionality when the user needs it the most, meaning they’ll associate your brand with practicality and safety. Whether it’s for a camping trip, braving the loft or even just illuminating a wintery dog walk, a branded flashlight is a smart essential that will offer genuine useability to the recipient.

A thoughtful product that will be used on countless occasions, it’s a budget-friendly and portable option that will brighten up any marketing campaign.

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Branded torches

Shine a light on your corporate message by treating clients and customers to a branded flashlight, perfect for brightening even the darkest of days.

A Branded Torch Will Light Up Your Marketing Campaign

A branded torch or promotional flashlight is a highly useful item with a genuine purpose. Best of all, it will instantly link your company with positive connotations of reliability and practicality, as well as helping to light up the user’s world.

Whether it’s for a late-night stroll with the dog, a rummage in the attic or sitting round the campfire on a staycation, a branded torch is an item that has countless uses and will be treasured by the recipient. With options ranging from LED torches to magnetic torches, there are designs to suit all manner of user needs - camping torches, for example, are perfect for withstanding the great outdoors, whilst environmentally-friendly rechargeable torches are ideal for people who don’t wish to use disposable batteries.

Be it for handing out to attendants at an outdoors-themed event or as a seasonal token for regular customers, a promotional torch is a clever way to get your branding into the hands of your audience. It’s the perfect way to make your brand quite literally stand out as the light in the dark!

Which Branded Torch Will You Choose?

Total Merchandise has a vast variety of branded torches to help you with your lightbulb moment, with designs ranging from the functional to the fun - look no further than the Rubiks Cube Mini Torch for the latter!

For a budget-friendly option, consider the Aluminium Pocket Torch, which can be purchased from as little as £1.04 per unit; for a product with multi-functionality, consider the Torch Bottle Opener. Our best-selling Portland Torch Keyring and 9 LED Metal Torch are also both worth checking out, as is the brand-new Torch Stylus Ballpen - a multi-functional gem that’s available in a huge range of colours.

For a heftier, more luxurious feel, consider the illuminating Maglite Solitaire Torch, emblazoned with your logo, which comes in a sleek presentation box and is guaranteed to wow the recipient. The 8 LED Head Lights, meanwhile, is a great option for customers with a passion for sports and the great outdoors; for an eco-friendly choice, why not consider the Self Charging Dynamo Torch?

Light The Way

Whatever the occasion, a branded torch is a clever way to get your company and logo in the hands of the right people. Total Merchandise’s impressive range of promotional torches has got you covered, with price points, designs and colours to suit every marketing budget.

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