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If you’re looking for promotional printed paper products, you’ve come to the right place. Total Merchandise has a wide range of quality products available including printed sticky notes, embossed diaries, personalised notebooks or deskpads. Choose from recycled, standard or premium promotional paper products to suit your brand credentials and your budget. And it’s not all about square or rectangular either; many of our printed paper products such as stickers, sticky notes and notepads can be produced in custom shapes, from one colour to full colour, or even etched. And if time is of the essence, our express items can be turned around in as little as 72 hours.

Promotional Company Sticky Notes 3x3 for workplaces
Best Sellers Sticky Notes 3x3
Full Colour Items Sticky Notes 3x3
Sticky Notes 3x3

Prices from £0.22

Custom A5 Note Pad for universities
Best Sellers A5 Note Pad
Full Colour Items A5 Note Pad
A5 Note Pad

Prices from £0.33

Noir Notebooks
Full Colour Items Noir Notebooks
Noir Notebooks

Prices from £1.95

Printed A7 BiC Sticky Notes workplace ideas
Special Offer
Best Sellers A7 BiC Sticky Notes
Full Colour Items A7 BiC Sticky Notes
A7 BiC Sticky Notes

Prices from £0.28

Corporate Printed A7 Sticky Notes with business logo
Best Sellers A7 Sticky Notes
Full Colour Items A7 Sticky Notes
A7 Sticky Notes

Prices from £0.26

Printed A6 Note Pads for universities
Best Sellers A6 Note Pads
Full Colour Items A6 Note Pads
A6 Note Pads

Prices from £0.18

Promotional A4 Note Pads for office desks
Full Colour Items A4 Note Pad
A4 Note Pad

Prices from £0.62

Custom A5 Wiro Bound Pads for councils
Best Sellers A5 Wiro Bound Pads
Full Colour Items A5 Wiro Bound Pads
A5 Wiro Bound Pads

Prices from £0.79

Printed A3 Desk Pads for workplaces
Full Colour Items A3 Desk Pads
A3 Desk Pads

Prices from £1.29

Printed Sticky Note Pads 5 x 3 for offices
Full Colour Items Sticky Note Pads 5 x 3
Sticky Note Pads 5 x 3

Prices from £0.37

Printed A7 Note Pads for council giveaways
Full Colour Items A7 Note Pads
A7 Note Pads

Prices from £0.12

Vinyl Stickers
Full Colour Items Vinyl Stickers
Vinyl Stickers

Prices from £0.11

Mini Calendar Pods
Mini Calendar Pods

Prices from £1.36

3x3 BiC Sticky Notes
Special Offer
Full Colour Items 3x3 BiC Sticky Notes
3x3 BiC Sticky Notes

Prices from £0.22

Printed Third A4 Note Pad printed with company design
Full Colour Items Third A4 Note Pad
Third A4 Note Pad

Prices from £0.23

Printed A6 Sticky Notes printed with company logos
Full Colour Items A6 Sticky Notes
A6 Sticky Notes

Prices from £0.49

Matchbook Flag Holder
5 Day Express Service Matchbook Flag Holder
Full Colour Items Matchbook Flag Holder
Matchbook Flag Holder

Prices from £0.32

Reels of Paper Stickers
Full Colour Items Reels of Paper Stickers
Reels of Paper Stickers

Prices from £0.08

Promotional A5 Pad with Cover for desks
A5 Pad with Cover

Prices from £0.59

25 Sheet A5 Notepads
Full Colour Items 25 Sheet A5 Notepads
25 Sheet A5 Notepads

Prices from £0.21

Page Flag Booklets
Full Colour Items Page Flag Booklets
Page Flag Booklets

Prices from £0.59

Promotional A2 Desk Mat deskpads for offices
Full Colour Items A2 Desk Pads
A2 Desk Pads

Prices from £2.62

Paper Stickers
Full Colour Items Paper Stickers
Paper Stickers

Prices from £0.03

Promotional Eco Friendly Sticky Notes A7 for company marketing
Full Colour Items A4 Wiro Bound Pads
A4 Wiro Bound Pads

Prices from £1.18

Mini Desk Note Blocks
Full Colour Items Mini Desk Note Blocks
Mini Desk Note Blocks

Prices from £0.52

Promotional branded A6 Wiro Bound Pads with company logo
Full Colour Items A6 Wiro Bound Pads
A6 Wiro Bound Pads

Prices from £0.61

Sticky Note Magnetic Pad
Full Colour Items Sticky Note Magnetic Pad
Sticky Note Magnetic Pad

Prices from £0.49

Personalised Circular Sticky Notes printed with logos
Full Colour Items Circular Sticky Notes
Circular Sticky Notes

Prices from £0.38

25 Sheet A4 Notepads
Full Colour Items 25 Sheet A4 Notepads
25 Sheet A4 Notepads

Prices from £0.38

Promotional Special Shaped Sticky Notes for desks
Special Shaped Sticky Notes

Price on application

A5 Wiro Bound Poly Pads
Full Colour Items A5 Wiro Bound Poly Pads
A5 Wiro Bound Poly Pads

Prices from £1.09

Baby Note Block
Baby Note Block

Prices from £0.99

Index Sticky Note Pads
Full Colour Items Index Sticky Note Pads
Index Sticky Note Pads

Prices from £1.03

Small Noir Notebooks
Full Colour Items Small Noir Notebooks
Small Noir Notebooks

Prices from £1.31

Hard Back Flag Pads
Full Colour Items Hard Back Flag Pads
Hard Back Flag Pads

Prices from £0.53

Printed Mini Block Pad for desks
Full Colour Items Mini Block Pad
Mini Block Pad

Prices from £1.16

Small Spiral Notebooks
Small Spiral Notebooks

Prices from £0.55

Promotional A4 Pad with Cover for school merchandise
Full Colour Items A4 Pad with Cover
A4 Pad with Cover

Prices from £0.94

Getting your company details emblazoned onto printed paper products that will be in daily use – such as sticky notes, diaries, wallplanners, notepads or noteblocks (and pens) – is a fantastic and relatively low cost way to get your message in front potential customers. Each time a phone message is taken and passed on via a custom sticky note, every time handwritten notes are copied and circulated from a printed notepad with your company contact details, every time a promotional wallplanner is updated or a branded diary is taken into a meeting, your message is spreading to a wider audience without you even trying.


Paper products are also used for shopping lists, to do lists, writing letters, making notes or annotating important documents, so a branded paper product is perfectly suited to both B2C and B2B audiences, and you can be sure it will be well received and well used, keeping your company details close to hand and front of mind. Easy to distribute via post, trade shows, events, or face-to-face meetings, and with prices starting from as little as 3p for stickers and 9p for notepads, we guarantee you’ll find a product to fit your budget too.


Paper has been in regular use since 3000 BC to convey everything from the mundane to some of the most iconic moments in history – think Magna Carta or the American Declaration of Independence – and while we can’t promise that every promotional paper product will hang around as long as those documents, branded paper products such as sticky notes, notepads, notebooks, deskpads, noteblocks and stickers remain one of the most popular ways to promote brands and events.


In fact, promotional merchandise is ranked the #1 most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations according to a PPAI 2017 consumer study, so it’s clear that promotional products are an effective - and just as importantly - cost-effective way to promote your brand and advertise your products or services from Millennials and GEN Xers and beyond.


We’ve been doing what we do for over 14 years, so if you need some help finding the right printed paper product, get in touch. Request a quote, a free sample or a callback via our website or call our sales team on 01376 509092.

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