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Your Company Brand on Display at all Times

Branded lanyards are a great ‘in’ when reaching new clients. They’re visible at all times and, by choosing one that suits your brand, you can really get your name out at conferences, exhibitions, conventions and other events. And don’t think all promotional lanyards are the same. You’ll be amazed at the different colours and widths available, and if that wasn’t all, we also produce light-up lanyards or multi-functional printed lanyards with built-in USBs or USB Adaptors. A great way to create awareness and brand identity at even the busiest of events, branded lanyards can be attached to staff name badges, passes, keys and more to suit your marketing needs.

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Our printed lanyards are amongst our best sellers. The 'Fast Track' comes in 15mm and 20mm widths and is perfect for getting your name seen at exhibitions, conferences and sporting events. They’re available with four spot colour personalisation on one side and, like many of our lanyards, comes with a choice of Thumb Trigger, J Hook, Split Ring or Bulldog/Crocodile Clip safety breaks. As so many branded lanyards are printed overseas, you often have to pay a premium price to get them sooner, these offer a faster lead time without the outrageous costs for all those events that sneak up on us throughout the year.

Meanwhile, our branded Express Full-Colour Lanyard is perfect if you have a logo or awareness campaign that’s bursting with life. This full-colour lanyard allows you to print in multiple colours – ideal for those getting their word out in a rainbow of colours. If drawing attention is your top priority, our light up LED lanyards can help with visibility when out at night or in busy/dark venues such as clubs and pubs or outdoor events.

For something a little more down to earth, our classic personalised Open End Lanyard and Pass Holder is just the thing for businesses wanting the convenience of inserting their own security paperwork, name passes or name cards into a clear plastic wallet. These make the ideal corporate lanyards for use by your employees - functional, stylish, practical with a promotional twist. We’ve varying widths available, and the holder comes on a standard 15mm lanyard.

Want a lanyard that’s a bit special? Then you’ll love our printed 2 in 1 USB Lanyard Cable. Not only does it do its job as a lanyard, but it comes with a ‘Lightning Charger’ for iPhones as well as a ‘Micro USB Charger’ for Android phones. It’ll wow everybody, from the smallest companies to the largest, as well as staff and students. And if that wasn’t enough, our promotional 3 in 1 USB Lanyard Cable goes one step further and is fitted with a ‘Micro USB’, ‘Lightning Charger’ and ‘C-Type’ charger. Your clients will never run out of phone battery again – and they’ll have you to thank for it!

If your business logo or message is complex and involves lots of design work, our Dye Sublimation Lanyard is the solution, with a choice of lengths. Print your detailed, full colour or graduated artwork onto this lanyard and make it stand out in the crowd. It’s also made of a smooth material which feels comfortable against the skin. Sublimation lanyards take it to the next level where the inks are 'sublimated' into the fabric allowing superb quality graphics to be incorporated into your lanyard design.

Or, if you want something totally unique, we have exclusively designed Total Merchandise Oval & Round Snap Lanyards. Created in a Y-shape with a large connecting section, your logo will explode in fantastic full colour.

We strive to ensure we offer the most popular and desirable promotional lanyards in the UK, but If you can't find what you're after, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.