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Fact: branded lanyards are a business essential. Whether they're worn by staff as security passes around the office or donned by your colleagues who are representing your business at industry events, promotional lanyards offer a simple yet highly effective way to keep your company's name and logo visible at all times.

Another bonus of investing in promotional lanyards? They can add a smart twist of corporate flair to your colleagues' attire with minimal fuss, too. 

Total Merchandise is delighted to offer a wide range of branded lanyards. Whether you want full-colour lanyards, fast-dispatch lanyards or perhaps even lanyards with USB built into them, we've got the perfect option for you!

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Custom printed Face Mask Holder Lanyards worn with face mask from Total Merchandise
Face Mask Holder Lanyards

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Custom branded 20mm Dye Sub Lanyards with printed logos
20mm Dye Sub Lanyards

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Promotional Lanyards For Fuss-Free Staff I.D.

Security passes, name cards, job titles... Whether in a working environment, such as an office or at an industry networking event, there are all kinds of scenarios where wearing a lanyard can make things a whole lot simpler for your colleagues or delegates.

The promotional value of a branded lanyard lies in the fact it's just so visible. Constantly on display, it keeps awareness for your business or organisation at a high and despite that deceptively simple exterior, it's a brilliant accessory that's ideal for displaying name cards, security passes and more. Whether they're uni lanyards or strictly office-based, they offer functionality for every audience. 

For example: if your colleagues are meeting potential new clients at an industry networking event or are manning a stand at an exhibition, a promotional lanyard makes it clear they're there on behalf of your business. Within the confines of the workplace itself, a branded lanyard is an equally powerful tool, allowing your teammates to present security passes, ID cards and so on with ease, as well as helping to identify visitors.

Of course, from a brand awareness perspective, they're also incredibly useful; with every wear out-and-about, your colleagues are generating a little more awareness for your business. 

Stay On-Point With Branded Lanyards In The Workplace

Logo-printed lanyards are ideal for handing to staff in order to keep security passes accessible within the office. The easy-wear style means your colleagues will be able to flash identity cards as and when required, whilst also representing your business on their way to work, too.

Whilst a lanyard might seem like a relatively innocuous accessory for your colleagues to wear each day, there's actually a lot more to it. Helping to create a sense of subliminal unity, they're ideal for helping to remind staff that they're all on the same team, making a cost-effective giveaway item (prices for our 25mm Full Colour Lanyards start as low as 38p per unit) that will instigate some in-house pride, too. 

On a similar note, promotional lanyards are also a useful accessory to handout to delegates at industry conferences or networking events. As well as allowing attendees to recognise fellow guests, they can also reduce the awkwardness of introductions - we've all been there! 

Promotional Lanyards Aren't Just For Work – Use Them In Education, Too!

If you thought branded lanyards were purely the reserve of busy professionals, think again. Rather, it's increasingly common for school children and college students across the UK to wear lanyards during class time, holding name cards and ID passes for easy identification.

Why? There are all sorts of reasons, with pupil safety and wellbeing at the heart of it all; for example, in larger schools, personalised lanyards holding ID cards can help to distinguish year groups or assist a teacher in the quick identification of a pupil who is having an allergic reaction. 

Some schools are even starting to use lanyards to help identify students at events; for example, prom lanyards (edging over to the UK from America) are becoming increasingly popular, whilst lanyards worn during school outings can make reuniting lost students with their classmates a lot easier. University lanyards are also increasingly popular for students to wear to classes or club meetings; in some more modern establishments, lanyards can even make accessing classrooms easier, too. Prices for our promotional lanyards begin as low as 32p per unit, meaning no matter how large your academic institution, we have something to suit your marketing budget. 

Mix Form & Function With Branded Lanyards That Do Something Different

Want to give your customers or colleagues something a little bit different? Search no further than our USB-built lanyards. Combining a simple design with huge potential for customisation, these simple staples are transformed into smart tech gadgets with the addition of a USB built into the base of the lanyard. Sound good? Our 3 In 1 USB Lanyard Cables are brilliant for technical workers and make transporting data a breeze. 

Need Your Promotional Lanyards In A Hurry?

Our Express 20mm Full Colour Lanyards can be with you from just seven working days and prices start at 92p per unit, with a slightly wider print space meaning there's even more room for your branding. 

With the option to print your artwork in full colour, these fast turnaround lanyards are ideal for making sure your company's visual identity can truly stand out, whatever the occasion.

Don't just take our word for it though - browse our full range of branded lanyards above and fill out our Rapid Quote form today to get the ball rolling with your order!

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