Promotional Note Blocks

Unblock Your Marketing Message With This Desktop Essential

Our promotional note blocks are consistently popular, with the generous size and high-impact branding opportunities proving too good to resist for businesses across the UK. 

With sizes ranging from mini to mighty and aesthetics stretching from classic to colourful, we have all manner of printed note blocks for you to consider for your next marketing campaign. A long-lasting product that will hold a valued position in homes and offices alike, it’s a clever giveaway option that’s ideal for making sure awareness for your business lasts as long as possible. And what’s not to like about that?

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Promotional note blocks

Branded note blocks are, arguably, the unsung heroes of paper products. Whilst, sure, they’re not quite as tactile as a leather-bound notebook, nor quite as portable as a simple notepad, they’re the desk-based essential that will make note-taking a breeze for your customers, combining practicality with endless promotional opportunity for your business. 

Go Corporate With A Smart Promotional Note Block

Want something a bit more elegant to pop on the desks of your colleagues or to giveaway to valued customers? The Maxi Smart Memo Holder could be the perfect solution for you, with its simple yet sophisticated design offering the perfect canvas on which to emblazon your branding. Even better? Your artwork will be printed on each of the 1,000 sheets that the memo block holder contains, helping to contribute a little more corporate finesse to your workspace. 

For a brand-aware note block that’s as impressive as it is useful, look no further than our printed Wedge Blocks Pads. Measuring in at A5, it’s the ideal size for making to-do lists and jotting down notes; prices start as low as £1.58 per pad making it a promotional stationery essential that’s as useful for the user as it is for generating more awareness for your business. 

Choose A Promotional Item Your Brand Can Build Upon

Run a building firm or architecture business? Our promotional Pallet Note Block can make an excellent giveaway item for related industry events and trade shows. Why? With guaranteed usability and your branding on every page, it offers a fantastic way to keep your business memorable at trade shows or industry events, where your stand or presence really needs to pop amongst a sea of competitors. 

Take Your Brand Home With Customer-Friendly Branded Note Blocks

Of course, it’s not just a professional setting where a promotional note block can serve a purpose - rather, it can prove invaluable in a domestic setting, too. Positioned by a landline telephone for message taking, for example, or placed on a desktop for as-and-when scribbles, this is the perfect branded item to take your promotional message home.

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