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Go Wild with Our Wide Range of Animal-Inspired Stress Balls

Branded stress balls are a brilliant way to let your customers and colleagues know you’re invested in their well-being - and animal-shaped stress toys are a great way to add a ‘cute’ edge to your efforts. Whether your printed stress toys are aimed at professionals within the veterinary or animal-welfare industries, for students at academic events or Freshers’ Fairs, or for general giveaways for your customers, we have something to please everyone.

With pets proven to give comfort to people handling a wide variety of mental health issues - from stress to depression and PTSD - choosing an animal-shaped stress ball to give your customers is a thoughtful idea that will go a long way. Total Merchandise has a wide range of animal-shaped stress balls to help your customers enjoy a moment of tension-relieving calm.

Whilst they might feel a little guilty about squeezing our adorable Stress Pig too hard, they’ll probably feel less awkward about relieving some tension with the Stress Smiley Man (it’s up to them whether they pretend he’s that annoying colleague or not, of course...).

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There’s all manner of scenarios where an animal-inspired printed stress ball can bring new energy to a campaign or event. You might be looking for branded merchandise to hand-out at a conference or training day curated for professionals in the veterinary industry, for example, or you could be exhibiting your animal-centric business at a trade show and want a giveaway item to hand out to visitors.

Whatever the scenario, stress toys are a useful item that you can guarantee will be enjoyed by the recipient, whether they’re young or old, stressed or, actually, totally chilled. In short, they’re a crowd-pleaser that you can guarantee will be used - who could possibly resist?

Go Wild With An Animal-Shaped Stress Ball

There’s a huge range of businesses that can benefit from our wide range of animal-themed stress toys, from pet shops to dog groomers. For farmers - and any other businesses involved in agriculture - we have a wide range of barnyard-inspired toys to consider: take your pick from the Stress Horse, Stress Bull and Stress Sheep, all of which are printed with your business logo. (And the latter is actually available in a glimmering head to toe - well, hoof - gold finish, too.)

Take things one step further with the branded Stress Pig Keyring, which means your customers can easily take their printed porcine companion out and about with them and use it to help relieve stress as and when they need it.

We also have stress toys that would make great promotional giveaways for zoos, too; the Stress Penguin, for example, is available in full colour, meaning your logo can be printed in all its glory.

Make A Subtle Statement With Your Choice Of Animal Stress Ball

Concerned about a topical issue? Choose a branded stress ball that gives a discrete nod to your corporate viewpoint, whether it’s animal rights, global warming or something else entirely. The Stress Clown Fish could be used as part of a campaign to draw attention to plastic in the oceans, perhaps, whilst the Stress Polar Bear is a great way to draw attention to global warming. Both are printed with your company’s logo and branding, offering a striking way to affiliate your business with the statement you’re making.

Add A Human Touch With Our People-Inspired Stress Toys

Granted, they’re not as cute as our promotional Stress Duck but no less: our people-shaped stress toys are ideal for adding a tongue-in-cheek twist to your marketing campaign. Whether it’s a printed Stress Smiley Man or the Stress Crazy Face, we have all sorts of ideas to bring some light comedy to your next giveaway opportunity.

On a more serious note, the Stress Runner Keyring is perfect for handing out at sporting events or as part of a promotional giveaway, whilst the soft-touch Stress Smiley Phone Holder is as useful for propping up a mobile phone as it is for providing moments of relief on difficult days.

Why not explore the full range of stress toys we supply, including stress balls & shapes, stress trade & transport, stress food & drink, stress health, sport & fitness, and stress animals & people?

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