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De-Stressing Has Never Been More Delicious with These Foodie Stress Toys

Fact: stress levels across the UK have never been higher. Whether it’s down to work, money, home-life or something else entirely, there are countless reasons why Brits are feeling under pressure. With the NHS citing the use of a stress ball as an effective stress management technique, there’s no better time to align your company with values of self-care. Promotional food and drink stress toys make great giveaways for your customers, whether as part of a healthy eating campaign or to hand-out to newly signed-up members of a diet plan.

Branded stress balls make a thoughtful and considerate giveaway option for trade events, professional conferences and customer promotions. Food-themed stress toys are the perfect choice for the catering and hospitality industries, and whether you opt for a hamburger or a garlic bulb, a strawberry or a chilli, we have appetising stress toys to match your campaign or customer.

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Promotional Stress Apples are ideal for healthy eating campaigns
Stress Apples

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Promotional Stress Lime for Marketing Handouts
Stress Lime

From £1.09

Promotional printed Stress Cherry branded with a company logo from Total Merchandise
Stress Cherry

From £1.33

Promotional Stress Lemon for Campaign Merchandise
Stress Lemon

From £1.09

Branded Stress Tomato is ideal for company giveaways
Stress Tomato

From £1.09

Promotional Stress Banana is a fun and unique giveaway idea
Stress Banana

Up to 23% off

From £1.54 £1.25

Promotional Stress Toast for Marketing Giveaways
Stress Toast

From £2.04

Promotional Stress Orange for with a logo printed top 1 side from Total Merchandise
Stress Orange

From £1.03

Promotional Stress Peach for with a logo printed to 1 side from Total Merchandise
Stress Peach

From £1.00

Promotional Stress Carrots for Marketing Campaigns
Stress Carrot

From £1.08

Promotional printed Stress Pears with a company logo branded on the side from Total Merchandise
Stress Pear

From £1.67

Promotional Stress Chilli for Campaign Giveaways
Stress Chilli

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Custom printed Stress Garlic with a company logo branded onto the side from Total Merchandise
Stress Garlic

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Promotional Stress Potato with company logo printed to 1 side from Total Merchandise
Stress Potato

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Promotional Stress Strawberry for Desktop Advertising
Stress Strawberry

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With important conversations surrounding mental health and stress management growing ever-louder, there’s no time like the present to align your business or brand with a sensitive wellbeing-themed stance. Of course, nutrition is inextricably linked with our wellbeing; after all, a balanced diet can help to contribute to a healthy mind.

Incorporating foodie stress toys into your campaign or event giveaway plans offers a subtle way to show your business cares without being over-the-top virtuous or pious. It’s discrete, yet significant - and your customers will appreciate the gesture. In fact, we’re confident their new stress toy will become a source of calm when they need it the most.

Put A Foodie Stress Ball On The Menu For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Our range of promotional food and drink stress toys is great for adding a little extra flavour to your corporate message. With your branding emblazoned on each toy, it’s a fantastic way to advertise your business, as well as entwine it with a healthy lifestyle reminder. According to recently released stats, 26% of UK adults are classed as obese; with this in mind, there’s never been a more pertinent time for relevant businesses and organisations to encourage staff and customers alike to embrace a more nutritious diet.

(Oh, and on the subject of pertinence: we even have seasonal stress toys available. Look no further than our Stress Pumpkin and Stress Christmas Pudding to bring your seasonal healthy living campaign to life.)

Whether it’s part of an NHS healthy-living campaign or to tie in with a meal-plan delivery service, there are a variety of scenarios where a food stress ball can - ahem - step up to the plate.

With a healthy body contributing to a healthy mind, a food-shaped stress ball is the perfect blending of the two. If you run a school, gym or fitness club, it also makes sense to get a well-being message in front of your students or customers. From the vibrant Stress Banana all the way through to the simple Stress Carrot, we’ve got the full fruit-and-veg spectrum covered. How’s that for your five-a-day?

For a corporate edge, give some consideration to our printed Stress Toast toys - they make great reminders for busy professionals that they should make time to have breakfast each morning!

There’s Something For Everyone With Our Promotional Stress Balls

Restaurants, coffee shops and hotels can all benefit from stocking up on food-shaped stress balls to hand-out to customers; our Stress Coffee Cup and Stress Hamburger make great giveaways for the hospitality industry whether to celebrate a new opening or simply to thank customers for their business. Both stress toys are printed with your logo prominently positioned on the front, resulting in free advertising for your business with every single use. Tasty!

Why not explore the full range of stress toys we supply, including stress balls & shapes, stress trade & transport, stress food & drink, stress health, sport & fitness, and stress animals & people?

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