Corporate Branded Clothing

The Best Way to Dress Your Company Logo

Practical as well as decorative, corporate branded clothing is part of almost every promotional marketing campaign, whether as giveaway items, promotional team wear or as printed staff clothing. In moments just the logo on your staff member’s shirt can give a shop floor or event a more professional feel, while also helping customers or clients find points of contact for your organisation more easily. With branding methods including screen printing, full colour transfer and embroidery, we can transform clothes and accessories such as t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, jackets and hoodies into an integral part of your promotion.

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Branded Beanie Hats for event merchandise
Beanie Hats

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Promotional Ball Ponchos for winter campaigns
Ball Ponchos

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Flip Flops
Flip Flops

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PE Disposable Rain Poncho
PE Disposable Rain Poncho

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Promotional Gym Towels for merchandise ideas
Gym Towels

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Short Aprons in Black
Short Aprons

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Promotional satin sashes for printing with campaign messages

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Articles of branded clothing are some of the most noted products in our day to day lives, with the logo printed on them able to elevate their desirability and value instantly. An item of promotional apparel as a giveaway could act as a commemorative gift, allowing recipients to celebrate your corporate brand and effortlessly spread awareness of it simultaneously, each time it is worn.


Places of businesses and other campaigns such as fundraising events and exhibitions all have need of a clear way to unify its members of staff or volunteers, one that customers associate with their company. Logo printed clothing can achieve this while also letting members of staff present that company’s image in a manner of professionalism, trustworthiness and style, allowing them to be easily recognised by visitors to even the busiest of venues.


Whatever setting they are designed for, customised clothes have the ability to keep your company logo in the minds of not only the wearers but of everyone who passes them by. Branded hats, embroidered polo shirts, printed t-shirts and work shirts, they all serve a purpose instead of a single use giveaway that will be discarded easily. In the case of branded jackets, coats or beanies they can even help to keep the recipient warm while they carry your brand. They aren’t limited to single events, locations or uses unlike a lot of other promotional merchandise and come with many options available in terms of style, use and size to suit clients of all interests and ages.