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Promotional diaries and business calendars offer a brilliant way to keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds, every single day. Whether you’re after a chunky embossed desk diary, a full-colour promotional calendar or perhaps a slimline printed pocket diary, we’ve got all manner of ideas for you to consider for your next marketing campaign.

Useful for your colleagues to keep on top of meetings, to-do lists and deadlines, promotional diaries are also invaluable for your customers too. Pick the perfect option for your target customer in order to really match their needs and guarantee it’s an item they use every day - and maximize the chances of additional awareness for your business, too!

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Diary Bands

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Branded Diaries & Promotional Calendars For Any Audience

If you’re looking for a highly usable promotional item that will be used by your customers every day, look no further than branded diaries or corporate calendars. But don't just take our word for it, a recent study published by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), shows that 52% of logo-printed calendars are kept for one year or more, generating an average of 850 impressions over their lifetime.

When choosing between a promotional diary or a printed calendar, don’t forget to factor in the preferences of your target recipient. For example: will they ideally be taking the item on the move or will this be something that’s to be displayed on a desktop or wall? Once you’ve decided how your customer will most likely be using the item - whether out-and-about or in a domestic setting - you can make an informed decision.

Can’t commit to one or the other? With our unbeatable low prices (costs start at a mere 14p for our A3 Wall Planner, and £1.65 for the foil blocked Colombia Pocket Weekly Diary), you can afford to offer your team and customers the luxury of both.  

365 Days = 365 Opportunities For Brand Awareness

Of course, the beauty of providing your customers with a promotional item that by its very nature, is consulted on a daily basis, is that it provides your business with 365 fresh opportunities for brand awareness. Business calendar printing offers a valuable marketing advantage for your company, with your branding constantly on display to your customers. 

The branded Marano Baladek A5 Daily Diary takes things one step further by offering an impressive 14 months page-a-day format. With your logo embossed on the front cover in your choice of gold or silver, it’s a smart option that’s great for giving away at corporate events and trade exhibitions. 

Equally, the A4 Traditional Wall Calendar is the perfect bespoke calendar for displaying a year’s worth of your latest campaign imagery - think dazzling in order to catch the collective eye of your customers every day. 

Save The Date With Promotional Diaries & Calendars

Helping colleagues keep on-track with workloads and deadlines is an important part of keeping your team motivated and focused. Arming them with promotional diaries - designed to allow them to jot down notes from meetings, pitch ideas and to-do lists - are a great way to assist them in staying on top of workloads. (In fact, studies have shown that we’re more likely to perform better when armed with a to-do list of everything that needs to be done.)

Our range of smart promotional diaries will help keep your colleagues focused, as well as on-brand when they’re out-and-about representing your brand. Promotional Diary Bands are another excellent way to keep your corporate identity strong; with your logo printed on them, they’re a great way to potentially add a dash of brand awareness to the non-corporate diaries your colleagues might already be using.

Of course, it’s not just professionals who will love them. Students and teachers alike will also find them invaluable for helping them keep on top of exams, essay deadlines and - perhaps most pressingly - holiday dates. Items such as the printed A2 Wall Planner, for example, are perfect for helping university students remember classes and social commitments. Similarly, the promotional A5 Academic Planner is ideal for secondary school students who want to keep on top of homework requirements and exam dates. 

Why not explore the full range of diaries & calendars we supply, including diaries, desk calendars, wall calendars, and advent calendars, or take a look at all of our pads & paper?

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