Promotional Branded Wristbands

Branded Merchandise for Exhibitions, Festivals or Everyday Wear

Want a fun and convenient way to get your business out to more people? If so, our promotional wristbands are a perfect choice. Made from a variety of materials, including silicon, nylon, vinyl and cotton, there’s no end of ways to make your message visible to hundred and thousands of people. Advertise at seminars, conferences, exhibitions and festivals. And with bright colours and LED flashing light branded wristbands available, your business will catch the eye, every time.

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Promotional wristbands are the modern way to get your business or campaign awareness message out to more people than ever before – and we’ve got loads for you to choose between. If you’re looking for something basic, but classic, then try our Adult and Child branded silicon wristbands. With one spot colour personalisation and UV, glow in the dark and glitter effect bands available, you’ll get your business name, educational facility or marketing campaign out in a simple but funky way.

If you’re looking for a printed wristband with a splash more colour, our printed Express Silicon Wristband will capture the attention of all those around you. They come in multiple, vibrant colours and are great as part of an awareness campaign or to give to clients as a gift.

Ever heard of a hi-tech wristband? You have now with our personalised USB Silicon Wristband. With a built-in memory stick, if you want your marketing to be memorable – this is it. They’ll impress new and prospective clients and are great for schools and colleges to hand out to students or office workers – they’ll never have an excuse to miss a deadline again! 

For something more streamlined, what about our branded 15mm Festival Style Fabric Wristband? Made from silky smooth polyester and dye sublimation, this handy wristband is perfect for music festivals and comes with a free crimping tool to hold the band in place.

Own a gym, sports club or want to raise awareness about the importance of exercise to your staff? Then you can’t go wrong with our printed Sports Sweat Band. Your logo will look incredible printed on the band, and with four colour personalisation available, there’s no reason it shouldn’t catch the eye.

And for a band that’s a little unusual, what about a promotional LED Light Up Wristband? They’re lightweight and durable and come in clear and solid plastic options. There’re six LED coloured lights to choose from, and they go down well at clubs and festivals.

Need different colour bands to separate access levels at a conference, exhibition or something similar? Then our personalised ID wristbands are available in twenty-four separate colours and are an affordable way to make sure your name is at the forefront of keeping everything in order.

And with printed raised logo, slap wrap, reflective slap wrap and elastic zipped wristbands available too, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect product to suit your business or campaign.

Want your message to reach hundreds, potentially thousands of people? Give a corporate branded wristband a go.