Printed Canvas Bags

The Perfect Canvas for Printing with your Company Logo

Manufactured from a 100% recyclable, renewable resource derived from plants, our printed Canvas Bags have low environmental impact and a distinct natural finish to aid in promoting more responsible, ecologically aware businesses. Promotional Canvas Tote Bags are highly durable, they can be reused more times than the environmentally harmful plastic carrier bag and can often last for years to extend your marketing campaign far beyond not only a single use, but even longer than a single year! Strong enough to hold your shopping, laundry, books and more, with immense practicality and universal appeal, if you print with your company logo or promotional message it is certain to be noticed with every use.

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 Not only incredibly practical and popular, with a supply of around 19.37 million in the UK alone in the last two years, promotional Canvas Bags are rapidly becoming fashion accessories, particularly those with catchy or renowned slogans. Their appearance is simple yet stylish, easily adapted to suit any corporate campaign.

 Available in designs with or without gussets and in various shapes to suit your intended use.

 The smooth surface of our branded cotton canvas bags allow them to take ink easily for a high quality finish and effortless printing with your logo, all at great low prices. On most styles we can even achieve a full colour print for designs with lots of colours, gradients or information.

 Two things both you and your potential customers are certain to share an interest in, are the environment and the final cost. Our eco-friendly canvas bags are a one-time investment of relatively low cost with far more durability than a single use carrier bag. This means that not only do you maximise the advertising potential of your company logo, but your customer will get more use from the purchase of this bag than multiple plastic carrier bags. All of this benefits your customers, the environment and your business or campaign which will be on prime display, on the go, everywhere with every use.