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Charge Up Your Next Giveaway with This Merchandise Idea

For promotional merchandise that works as well in your own workplace as it does in helping promote your business to potential new customers and existing clients, look no further than branded power banks and printed USB memory sticks.

Branded charging devices and memory sticks make brilliant practical giveaway options, enabling the user to recharge phone batteries on the move, as well as easily store and transport important files between computers. Whilst we’re willing to bet you already knew what a memory stick can do, have you ever considered the potential power a branded power bank or flash drive could have? Browse our range of products to find the items that are just right for your business and budget - we’ve got tech-savvy items to suit most audiences.

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In our tech-reliant age, there’s no better time to give your promotional merchandise output a recharge and invest in branded power banks and USB memory sticks. We have a wide range of express power banks and fast-turnaround flash drives for you to take your pick from, all of which can be printed with your logo or company branding. Whether you wish to fill your branded USB with imagery and documentation relating to your latest launch or would prefer to offer blank devices instead, these simple gadgets prove themselves invaluable time after time.

Keep Colleagues & Customers Fully-Charged With A Branded Power Bank

Our range of promotional power banks is designed to help keep mobile phones or devices topped up on the go. A power bank is delightfully simple to use - just connect it to a suitable power source to charge it up and it can then be popped in handbags, briefcases or pockets for on-the-go emergency charging for your mobile phone or tablet. This can prove to be a lifesaver if your colleague’s battery has been drained by Google Maps on their way to an important client meeting, or if you need to let a contact know you’re running a little late but have a perilously low battery supply.

Our branded Express Tower Power Banks are beautifully streamlined. Available in four stylish colours, your logo is printed prominently on the front - and as the name suggests, we can have it ready for you in just 48 hours once you’ve approved the design!

Add A Flash Finish To Your Marketing With A Branded Memory Stick

A promotional flash drive or branded memory stick can serve two purposes. If you’re planning a big launch or have an upcoming presence booked at a trade show or exhibition, it can make sense to fill a branded USB memory stick with material relating to your business, allowing the user to see imagery, read launch material and so on.

Alternatively, it can also make sense to put your branding on an entirely blank USB, which your customers can use as and how they please. With your logo clearly printed on the exterior of the USB or flash drive, it’s a great way to draw subtle attention to your brand. We have a huge range of promotional USBs available, whether you want a modern push-pull design or a traditional USB model instead.

Of course, these devices are also great for in-house use, too - promotional power banks and USB memory sticks are ideal for adding a touch of corporate pride to even something as simple as opening a PowerPoint in front of potential new clients!  

Powerfully Memorable, And With A Quick Turn-Around

If it’s a last-minute idea for an imminent product launch or exhibition appearance, don’t worry: Total Merchandise can offer fast delivery of your order once you’ve approved its design. For example, the high-impact Kingston G4 USB flash drive will be printed with your branding and land with you in just 48 hours. How’s that for speedy?

Why not explore the full range of power banks & usb sticks we supply, including usb sticks, power banks, wireless charging pads, and express power banks & memory sticks?

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