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A Promotional Umbrella of Branding Potential

Corporate branded Umbrellas are quintessential custom business gifts offering practicality, reusability and multiple large print areas for your logo. There are many styles including Golf Umbrellas, City Umbrellas and Mini Telescopic Brollies to suit marketing ideas of all sizes. Our printed umbrellas also boast an extensive choice of canopy colour options to fit your campaign requirements, ideal for companies with an already established brand identity. With our glorious British weather, they are long-lasting advertising giveaways that are sure to be in regular use, offering a greater chance that your promotional message will be seen all over the country.

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Boxed Brolly
Boxed Brolly

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With an estimated average of 156 rainy days and approximately 1 million UK manufactured umbrellas being sold in Britain per year, corporate umbrellas have immense advertising potential. Their practicality and multiple large print areas allow them to function as mobile branding opportunities that will advertise your company logo on the move, all while keeping your customers dry simultaneously.

Promotional golf umbrellas are some of our best sellers. Designed originally for use by golfers due to their large canopies that offer more protection from the rain, now used nationally by clients not wishing to sacrifice coverage for a more compact style.

The more reserved size of standard printed umbrellas and compact branded telescopic umbrellas still offer larger advertising surfaces than most other corporate giveaways. The bonus of a telescopic design is also that it can be folded up and slipped into your customer’s bag, a more manageable size to keep with them at all times for when they need it most.

Logo printed umbrellas have the ability to transform events and exhibitions as corporate decorations, as well as acting as practical essentials for rainy days. Every client that carries your brand with them will put your corporate brand within sight of countless other potential customers with every step, year in and year out.