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Promotional Sports Bottles to Advertise and Hydrate on the Go

Branded water bottles come in a choice of styles and with a range of intended uses, that’s why they’re a chosen choice of promotional product with many businesses across the UK. Whether you opt for metal water bottles, plastic bottles, or sports water bottles, you can be sure that once printed with your logo and distributed to your audience, they will flaunt your corporate image to its fullest potential.

Our extensive range of promotional water bottles is available at unbeatable low prices to ensure you get the maximum results from your marketing budget. Durable to ad longevity to your logo exposure and considered an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles, custom printed water bottles are a no-brainer choice of merchandise.

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Why are Branded Water Bottles So Popular?

It’s simple: they’re an effective means of placing your brand straight into the hands of your audience, they keep your logo on display for long periods of time, they’re budget-friendly, and they provide a use to the end-user.

But don’t just take our word for it. A study conducted by the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) shows that 78% of consumers own promotional drinkware. The same study also depicts that a printed drinkware item generates an impressive 1,400 impressions throughout its lifetime; that’s over 1,000 times your logo will be seen from just a single item!

With all that in mind, if haven’t already considered custom printed water bottles as part of your promotional initiatives, then you certainly should.

Help Customers Keep Hydrated with Promotional Water Bottles

Commuters and road or rail travellers will appreciate a lightweight, refillable branded water bottle to ensure they’re never left ‘high and dry’. A popular choice is a custom printed water bottle featuring a fruit infuser, keeping water interesting for those who need an extra incentive to stay hydrated.

Two of our best-sellers are the 740ml Fruit Infuser Bottle and the slightly smaller 700ml Tempo Fruit Infuser Bottle, both available in a wide range of high impact colours to suit any corporate theme.

Just as brilliant for commuters (and your brand!) is our Time to Drink Water Bottles. With their handy timely reminders printed on the front of the bottle to help encourage the end-user to drink their daily recommended intake of water. Every time the recipient takes a sip from these helpful printed bottles they will be reminded of your business.

Whilst we’re on the subject of being on the move, our 600ml Folding Silicone Sports Bottles are a fantastic choice of branded water bottle for those always on the go. With their practical carabiner clips, they can be easily attached to a bag or similar and once emptied they can be neatly folded up and packed away – even in a pocket!

Win First Place with Branded Sports Bottles

Popular with gyms, sports clubs, leisure centres and more, our range of printed sports bottles are a must-have giveaway for any sporting or fitness related campaign. Whether you’re planning on running a sporting event or looking for merchandise to sell in-store, a sports bottle printed with your logo ticks all the boxes.

Chosen time and time again by a whole host of different businesses are our Finger Grip Sports Bottles and for good reason. For your brand, they boast a large print area for your design and are available in a rainbow of different colours and lid options. For the end-user, the ergonomic grooves on the bottle make holding it easy and comfortable. Similarly, our Jogger Bottles also offer a brilliant means of mobile advertising for your business and a practical and specially designed item for the recipient.

With over 60 different sports water bottles available, there’s an option for almost any campaign and demographic. From classic sports bottles to innovative designs including metal bottles with a carabiner, folding bottles, collapsible bottles, glow in the dark bottles and so much more.

Choose Custom Metal Water Bottles for Maximum Awareness

Another brilliant option for both your business and your customers is our Express Double Walled Metal Bottles. Made from stainless steel, these promotional metal bottles personalised with your logo are designed to keep drinks at optimal temperature for longer; whether it’s warm or cold drinks. The result? A branded metal sports bottle that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Are you looking for custom metal bottles that will be appreciated by any recipient, whilst offering lasting exposure for your logo? Our 500ml Ashford Double Walled Metal Bottles are a bestseller for a reason! Ideal for adding an eco-touch to your marketing campaign, these printed metal bottles are available in a range of matt and metallic colours and with the option to either print or engrave your logo for maximum brand exposure.

Keep It Eco with Promotional Water Bottles

Although all our custom water bottles are considered eco-friendly due to their reusable nature, some of our branded water bottles take eco to the next level.

Take our 500ml Biodegradable Sports Bottles, for example, these branded biodegradable bottles have hydrophilic elements in the plastic so they can break down once at the end of their lifetime. Another extra-eco bottle is the 500ml Recycled Plastic Ocean Bottle which is made from partly recycled plastic and partly stainless steel.

In short: our selection of promo water bottles, emblazoned with your branding keep your name literally on your customer’s lips – and highly visible to everyone they cross paths with throughout their work and leisure.

A truly great merchandise item for sports clubs, charities, school sports teams, gyms or health clubs to raise funds, as well as for summer events, fun runs, half or full marathons, university open days and launch events. And perfect for advertising your UK business to a wide audience!

Why not explore the full range of water & sports bottles we supply, including sports bottles, water bottles, and metal bottles, or take a look at all of our mugs & bottles?

FAQs About Our Branded Water Bottles & Sports Bottles Chevron down

Q: Why should I consider branded bottles for my marketing campaign?


It’s a known fact that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle we need ensure we drink plenty of water each day – 2 litres, in fact. And with people’s busy lifestyles it can be hard to make sure we are meeting the daily recommendation while on the go, so by gifting customers and colleagues with bottles printed with your logo you are showing them your business has their health and wellbeing at the core of your organisation.

Printed water and sports bottles are also long-lasting and can be reused by the recipient time and time again, meaning continued visibility for your brand.

Not forgetting that promotional water bottles are ideal for almost any industry and demographic. From gyms to schools, offices to construction sites, you can be sure that your custom printed bottles will appeal to all and keep your logo on display with every use.

Q: What can promotional water bottles and printed sports bottles be used for?


Custom water bottles have a wide range of uses including:

  • Promotional giveaways at events such as tradeshows and exhibitions
  • Saleable merchandise instore and at fundraisers
  • Corporate gifts to your customers

Once printed with your logo and distributed to your customers, promotional water bottles will keep your brand at the forefront of your clients’ minds with every use.

Q: What are you most popular drinks bottles?


Many of our printed bottles are chosen time and time again by UK businesses but without a doubt, our most popular branded bottle is the 500ml Metal Bottle. These stylish and sleek metal water bottles are available in a rainbow of metallic and matt colours and with the option to either print or engrave your logo it’s no wonder they’re a bestseller!

Some of our other popular bottles include:

Look out for the rosette icon on the product images, this means they are our customers' favourites or simply select the ‘Best Seller’ option on the Filter by Category menu.

Q: What styles of branded water bottles do you sell?


We’re proud to offer a wide range of logo printed bottles, our main styles include:

Within these different types of branded bottles, you will see that we have a variety of different designs and styles. From folding bottles to bottles with finger grips, fruit infuser bottles to collapsible water bottles – we have options to suit any business’ requirements!

Q: What materials are your drinks bottles made from?


The two main materials our printed bottles are manufactured from are metal and plastic – our plastic is always BPA-free!

Our metal water bottles also come with double-walled insulated designs for a high perceived value promotional item.

We also have eco-friendly options where the drinks bottle is made from recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials, for example, our Bio Finger Grip Sports Bottles are made from recyclable plastic and the bottle itself breaks down much faster if it ends up in landfill – a great way to add an eco-touch to your marketing campaigns.

Q: I’m looking for bottles printed with my logo on a budget. What are your cheapest branded water bottles?


Without a doubt our best value bottle is the Finger Grip Sports Bottles 300ml, starting at just 64p per unit!

Some of our other low-cost drink’s bottles include:

To discover our best value promotional water bottles, simply select ‘Price Low’ on our Sort By option.

Q: What colours can I order my printed water bottles in?


Our branded bottles are available in a rainbow of colours. To see the colours available look for the ‘Colours’ detail at the top of the product listing page.

Q: What size drinks bottles do you have?


Size certainly does matter when it comes to choosing the right custom water bottle for your campaign. From almost pocket-sized 350ml bottles to a whopping 2 litre jug, we’ve got options to suit every business’ needs and requirements.

Q: Do you offer eco-friendly water bottles?


Yes! Arguably, all promotional water bottles are eco-friendly as they are reusable and reduce the number of disposable cups and single-use plastic bottles being used and ending up in landfill. But we do offer bottles made from recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials for an extra green touch to your marketing.

Some of our eco-friendly water bottles include:

Simply select the ‘Eco-friendly’ option on our Filter by Category menu on the branded water bottles and sports bottles page or keep an eye out for the leaf icon on the product listing to discover our green branded bottles.

Q: Can I have more than just a logo printed on my branded water bottles?


Of course! Simply use our artwork templates – accessible via ‘Download Artwork Template’ on the product listing page – to find out the print guidelines for the specific product.

We even offer individually named bottles for an extra personal touch.

Q: I’ve received a quote for logo printed bottles cheaper elsewhere. Can you beat it?


We sure can! Our size means we've got the biggest buying power in the market, so we can pass the savings onto you. Our pricing structure is periodically independently reviewed against similar suppliers. We're so confident in our pricing that we guarantee that if you find your promotional products cheaper elsewhere, we'll match – and often beat – the price*.

* Advertised like-for-like product, excludes special offers.

Q: Do you offer corporate water bottles that are made in the UK?


We do! To see our full range of British made branded water bottles simply select the ‘Made in UK’ option on our Filter by Category menu or keep an eye out for the Great British flag icon on the product listing.

Q: I need my branded sports bottles ASAP. How quickly can you deliver?


Many of our drink’s bottles are dispatched from 2 working days after artwork approval. The delivery of our custom printed bottles is clearly displayed on the individual product listing page under ‘Lead Time’.

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity on your promotional water bottles?


There is. You can find the minimum order quantity on the product listing page. The minimum order quantity will be different for each item.

Q: Do you have a set-up charge for printing my logo to your bottles?


Yes, we do. The set-up charge is clearly displayed on each product listing page under ‘Set-up Charges’.

Q: Can I receive a free sample?


You can! We are always happy to send our customers a free unbranded sample of our products to make sure they are the right fit for their needs. Simply fill out the Rapid Quote form and ask your account manager who will be happy to help arrange this for you.

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