Compostable Promotional Products

Looking for the perfect eco friendly addition to your upcoming marketing campaign? Search no further than our range of compostable promotional merchandise.

Whether in full or in part, all of these products are capable of disintegrating into soil without leaving toxic matter behind. Typically speaking, this takes around 90 days from start to finish, although of course, this can vary. You can be confident that your business is doing its part to support environmental issues, taking its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and helping reduce landfill levels. Not bad, eh? 

Whether you're after edible giveaways (such as our Midi Skittles Eco Pots, which are filled with delicious sweets and feature a full colour label on the pot's exterior) or something truly unique (like these Eco Seed Business Cards), we've got the perfect fit for your brand's requirements.

Browse our compostable promotional products below and fill out our Rapid Quote form to receive pricing within one working hour!

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