Promotional Clothing Accessories

Style It Out With These Promotional Logo-Branded Accessories

If you want to add a touch of style to your next marketing campaign, look no further than our range of promotional clothing accessories. These fashionable items are perfect for adding an on-trend twist to your brand, whether you opt for promotional sunglasses, personalised cufflinks or even printed socks. (Because as Albus Dumbledore famously observed: “One can never have too many socks…”)

We can also offer promotional accessories to help match your specific requirements, whether it’s a specific budget you need to stick to or a tight deadline you have to meet. Looking for cost-efficient items that will tie in with your campaign? Consider our promotional Compact Sewing Kit, which is printed with your logo on the casing and can cost as little as 26p per item depending on your order size; equally, our printed Ball Poncho is ideal for keeping your customers dry and your branding ever-present in their minds.

In a hurry? Our super-cool Full Colour Printed Sunglasses have got you covered: once you’ve approved the artwork, they can be dispatched for delivery in as little as 72 hours. For a luxurious twist, these Engraved Cufflinks can be out for delivery in just three working days - meaning that last-minute gift idea might not be quite as mission impossible as you initially thought!

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Promotional Ball Ponchos for winter campaigns
Ball Ponchos

From £0.67

Tea Towels in White
Tea Towels

From £2.48

PE Disposable Rain Poncho
PE Disposable Rain Poncho

Price on application

Promotional Gym Towels for merchandise ideas
Gym Towels

From £4.28

Short Aprons in Black
Short Aprons

From £3.66

Our promotional satin sashes are ideal for printing with you campaign message.

From £1.32

Sports Towels
Sports Towels

From £3.96

Beach Towels
Beach Towels

From £13.81

Cotton Apron
Cotton Apron

From £2.92

Promotional Woven Patches for giveaway events
Woven Patches

From £0.65

Promotional Printed Socks for business designs
Printed Socks

From £3.66

Blue Promotional Swimming Caps Printed with Your Logo
Swimming Caps

From £1.76

Neck Ties
Neck Ties

From £9.83


From £0.64

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Promotional clothing accessories

Promotional accessories that centre around fashion will always be popular: after all, style-conscious Brits like to look good and feel great, no? With that in mind, picking promotional items that your customers or colleagues can wear time after time makes a fantastic giveaway option. Whether you wish to arm your workforce with promotional sunglasses for outdoor events or you’d like to giveaway printed shoe polish kits to generate brand awareness for your footwear business, we’ve got the perfect items for your next campaign.

Put Your Competition Into The Shade With Promotional Sunglasses

Total Merchandise is delighted to offer a wide range of printed sunglasses, which are ideal for helping keep your customers and colleagues stylish and comfortable in even the brightest of sunshine. Whether you opt for the Translucent Retro Sunglasses or unique Wood Style Sunglasses, we have a variety of fashionable designs for you to pick from, as well as a number of classic designs, including Sun Ray Sunglasses. Whichever set you choose, they will be printed with your logo, meaning your company will generate a little more awareness with every wear. Well - sunshine depending, of course…

Make A Splash With Branded Towels & Wristbands

Take your brand to the beach, the gym or even just the bathroom with our range of promotional towels, which are printed or embroidered with your branding. Despite the nature of the product, there’s nothing ‘wet’ about this promotional item idea; rather, a towel is a highly usable product that will be used time after time by your customers.

For a classic pick, consider our timeless Sports Towel, which will be exquisitely embroidered with your branding; similarly, this Golfing Towel features your logo neatly sewn onto the front, guaranteeing more awareness for your business with each use.

We also offer workout friendly sweatbands and wristbands, including this zipper design, which allows the user to store a locker key and change with minimal fuss.

Help Customers Make The Right Impression With These Polished-Up Ideas

Scuffed shoes, dropped hems and stray threads are arguably the antithesis of chic - so help your customers stay one step ahead by arming them with items that will allow them to keep their look fresh. Our printed promotional sewing kit, for example, is a godsend in the face of last-minute stitching dramas, whilst the smart Shoe Polish Kit - with your branding printed on the tin - will keep shoes in tip-top condition.

One final idea to help keep your customers stylish and your brand awareness at an all-time high? The printed Glasses & Screen Cleaner Kit makes a great giveaway item for optical-related businesses, helping to keep your customers’ vision clear and awareness for your brand even clearer.

Why not explore the full range of clothing accessories we supply, including sunglasses, towels & sweatbands, ponchos, aprons, and other accessories, or take a look at all of our clothing?