Promotional Merchandise Artwork Guidelines

Promotional merchandise artwork guidelines

What file type do you need?

In order for us to customise your promotional merchandise for you, we will need your artwork.

The most suitable type of file for us is an .EPS File, created in Adobe Illustrator from scratch and saved as outlines.

However, don’t worry if you don’t have one of those, we can create one for you if you email us your artwork in whatever format you currently have.

Very complicated designs may incur a small charge, but most simple designs are free. Other accepted file types are .JPG, .PDF, .PSD, .TIFF, .AI and .PNG.

A very common file type for branding promotional gifts is a .JPEG, if you are sending us one of these please try to ensure it is 300DPI, but if it isn’t, again, no need to worry, we can do this for you.

What colour is my artwork?

Your company logo would have been created by a designer who will know what colour your artwork is.

The most commonly used recognition system that printers use to determine the exact colours of your logo is called a Pantone Colour System.

Below you will find a Pantone Matching System (PMS) Chart, however please bear in mind this should be a rough guide only, as colours will vary on different computer screens and office printers.


There are many other types of colour recognition systems used, for example CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) or RGB. Don’t worry if that’s all you have as our team of in-house designers can easily convert these for you.

We can also print your logo even if it is Full Colour, like a photograph for example, or a logo with lots of gradients. If in doubt, simply email us whatever format of artwork you have and let us do the hard work.

Here is a link of all of our promotional gifts that can be printed using the Full Colour process.

If you need more information on what branding options we can use to place your company logo onto our corporate gifts, please use the link below.

Promotional Merchandise Quote & Process

What is my company font?

Your company logo and text would normally have been created using a specific font.

Promotional merchandise fonts

Your designer will know exactly what font they used to create the text, but if they don’t, don’t worry, we can attempt to match your font upon sight, or offer you a choice of different fonts if you have never created a text-based corporate design before.

Below you will find a list of our suggested fonts for you to print onto your promotional merchandise.

Available fonts for promotional merchandise Download

Please indicate if you have a preferred position where you would like your company logo printed on your promotional merchandise.

On many custom giveaways you can choose exactly where you would like your logo printed, but many other items only have certain “print areas” available on the product. Please see below an example of this on our printed cotton tote bags.

Promotional cotton tote bags print template example

The print area above shows the optimum place for your logo to be printed. Many products can also be printed in multiple areas, like our branded conference folders which can be printed in the centre or in the bottom left or right corners, or our promotional clothing, which can be decorated on the front, back, side, left breast or right breast.

If in doubt, we have artwork templates available for you to download for free on our website or our friendly sales team can advise you.

Once you have chosen the right promotional business gift or giveaway for your company, you will be sent an artwork proof / visual, showing your corporate logo in place on the product, the colour of the print, and the colour of the product. We won’t do anything until we have received further instruction from you that you are happy with every detail.

Approved artwork

Additional Terminology

You may have read about certain phrases being used in the promotional merchandise industry including set up charge or screen charge.

This is a general term referring to the creation of the screens, dies, templates or jacquards used in the process of applying custom details to a promotional product. In a lot of cases these are free, but in some cases a small charge may apply.

Please use the link below to browse our collection of hand-picked branded promotional gifts that have proved to be our most popular or current giveaways.

Best Sellers Promotional pantone colour chart
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