Promotional Erasers

Erase Competitors to Keep Your Brand at The Forefront of People’s Minds

A promotional eraser is a simple yet highly effective branded item that has the potential to keep awareness for your business present in the minds of your customers every time they pick it up.

Our range of promotional rubbers covers everything including printed 2-in-1 Eraser Sharpeners and Giant Erasers, as well as a variety of novelty shapes that are perfect for keeping your branding present in school bags and on office desks around the country. 

With prices starting as low as 18p per rubber for our classic Promotional Eraser, it's safe to say that branded rubbers are a budget-friendly promotional giveaway option that are as useful for your customers as they are for generating a little more attention for your business. Browse our range below to find the perfect printed rubber for your marketing campaign! 

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The Surprising History Of Promotional Rubbers

The origin story of the humble eraser is rather half-baked - as in, literally.

Prior to the invention of actual rubber erasers, people used balled-up bread to rub out graphite marks, with Joseph Priestley (who also happened to discover oxygen) making the first reference to rubber as ‘a substance excellently adapted to the purpose of wiping from paper the mark of black lead pencil’ in 1770. 

Fast-forward almost 250 years and eraser options are myriad. From rubbers on the ends of pencils to eraser-sharpener combos and Tipp Ex, there’s a rub-it-out solution to tackle almost any written mistake.

Think Classic With A Chunky Branded Eraser

Whether your target customer is a student or a professional, they’re only human and will, naturally, make written mistakes from time to time. Offer a helping hand by arming them with a printed eraser that will allow them to neatly correct errors whilst also cranking up the awareness for your brand, too. 

Perfect for including in goodie bags or providing to conference attendants, we have a variety of ‘chunky’ printed erasers that will make an excellent canvas for printing your logo on to.

Whether you opt for the Book Shaped Eraser - available in the colour of your choice, with your artwork clearly printed on its cover - or the super-simple Full Colour White Eraser, these solid cuboid rubbers offer a fantastic area to print onto. 

Top Up In-House Supplies With Promotional Erasers

Branded stationery supplies for your office are a simple way to add a professional sheen to your working environment. Printed with your logo, our promotional rubbers are proof that even the smallest detail, no matter how seemingly insignificant, really can contribute towards your corporate appearance. 

Bulk out your stationery cupboard by ordering our branded 4 Piece Stationery Set, which contains a pen, pencil, eraser and ruler for an all-in-one solution that will tick-off all your colleagues’ stationery needs. 

In short, promotional erasers are useful for helping your brand and your customers - what are you waiting for?

Why not explore the full range of pencils & writing accessories we supply, including pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, and pencil cases?

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