Promotional Novelty Items

Add A Novel Twist To Your Marketing With These Giveaway Ideas

Our range of promotional novelty items is ideal for bringing a little extra fun into your next marketing campaign.

With items that can appeal to a wide range of audiences - from children to professionals who want a distraction to break up their working day - look no further than our range of printed fidget-spinners, piggy banks, flyers and more to add a playful twist to your business’ identity. Who said corporate novelty gifts had to cost a fortune?

From the best-selling Rubik’s Cube to the eco-friendly Wooden Eco YoYo, we have the perfect items to suit every audience, every occasion and every marketing budget. (Seriously - prices for our Temporary Tattoo sets are as low as 13p per set. We kid you not!)

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Promotional Foam Gliders printed with company details
Foam Gliders

From £0.53

Wooden Puzzle
Wooden Puzzle

From £1.05

Promotional hand clapper for events
Hand Clappers

From £0.58

Promotional Bubble Blower for printing company logos
Bubble Blower

From £0.58

Promotional Puzzle Tray for merchandise ideas
Puzzle Tray

From £0.53


From £0.60

Promotional Budget YoYo with business logos
Budget YoYo

From £0.62

Spider Flyer
Spider Flyer

From £0.47

Groan Tubes
Groan Tubes

From £0.95

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Promotional novelty items

Whether it’s a printed piggy bank to enhance a financial campaign or a branded fidget spinner to offer as a back-to-school promotion for kids, Total Merchandise is delighted to offer one of the UK’s most impressive and varied assortments of promotional novelty items, spanning toys, games and gadgets.

Add Some Fun To Your Next Marketing Campaign With These Promotional Items

Promotional novelty items are the perfect way to show that as much as your business is about hard work and exceptional service, it also has a playful side, too. You might choose to display your latest campaign imagery on a 48-Piece Card Puzzle, for example, or you could have your branding printed on our Full Colour Stress Relief Colouring Book (which is perfect for pairing with a set of branded colouring pencils for a complete gift set, FYI).

Encourage Your Clients To Kid Around With Our Array Of Novelty Merchandise

So, which fun promotional items are you going to splash your branding on? Whether it’s table-top distractions to help keep minds active during corporate conferences, goodie bag extras for industry events or promo tie-in giveaways, there is all manner of occasions when one of our printed novelty items can come in useful. From the practical-yet-fun (we’re looking at you, Helter Skelter Beaker) to the purely-entertaining (who can resist a Groan Tube?), we’ve got you covered.

We even have eco-friendly options available: look no further than our Skyspinner, Clap Banner and the afore-mentioned Wooden Eco YoYo for original promotional items that pack an environmentally conscious punch, too.

We also have items that could make great additions to an awards ceremony or end-of-year bash; the Handy Head Boppers, for example, and Selfie Props are both excellent additions to any corporate celebration.

Little Ones Will Love Our Range Of Novelty Ideas!

It goes without saying that children will love our range of items, whether you opt for something classic (the printed Rubber Duck, for example) or an item that’s a little more contemporary, such as the branded Snafooz Puzzle.

Our range of products can be grouped together to make wonderful gift-sets (perfect for holiday clubs, say), handed out as memorable giveaways at school open days or offered as part of a promotion. Whatever the situation, kids won't be able to wait to get their hands on them - and neither will adults!