Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Branded Products to Tee Off Your Promotional Campaign

Keep your customers dry when they’re out and about and they’ll really appreciate it – and it’ll get your company noticed at the same time. Getting a soaking can spoil the enjoyment of a round of golf or any outdoor leisure activity but a well-branded golf umbrella will keep a smile on your customer’s face whatever the weather.

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According to a recent survey by The Golf Business, more than 2 million people play golf at least twice a month, and more than 3.7 million have played golf on a full length course in the previous 12 months; golf clubs are reporting significant growth in membership so it stands to reason that golf umbrellas are a fantastic way to promote your business to other companies, their staff, your staff and even retirees if they are your target market.

In fact, golf is the 5th largest participation sport in the UK so targeting golfers should certainly get your company logo noticed. But golf umbrellas aren’t just great for golfers, they are big enough to keep everyone dry on the touchline, at the summer fayre, in the town or the country.

Larger than a regular umbrella, there’s plenty of space for branding on one or multiple panels and a large print area.

Our best selling promotional golf umbrella, and also our cheapest, is the Promo Budget Golf Umbrella available in a wide range of stock colours complete with polished wooden handle.

To cope in high winds, our printed Fibrestorm Golf Umbrella with storm proof fibreglass stem and ribs for durability and fully customisable handle is available in 56 stock colours or can even be pantone matched for the ultimate in bespoke golf umbrellas.

If you’re looking to reduce your impact on the environment, we have the perfect eco umbrella for you - check out our promotional Recycled PET Vented Auto Umbrella; print your logo in up to 4 colour onto the 100% recycled plastic canopy. With auto opening and its green credentials, your competitors will be green with envy.

But large umbrellas aren’t only about the rain; for garden parties, summer events, schools, pubs and festivals there’s no better advertising medium than a printed Classic Garden Parasol, available in 18 stock colours or all-over print to ensure your branding is visible from far and wide. Brilliant for creating shade, sheltering from a passing shower or just chilling out, promotional garden parasols are THE summer event must have item.