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For anyone who uses a desktop computer, or a laptop with separate mouse, a printed mouse mat could be a very good promotional gift. But do modern mice actually need a mouse mat? Technically no, particularly in relation to optical and laser mice, but there are benefits to using one particularly if speed is of the essence – such as in gaming or design.

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Corporate Printed Mouse mats serve an important purpose in protecting desks from mouse wear and tear from repeated, repetitive mousing across the same spot. They also protect the mouse sensor and base from some of the dirt, fluff and crumbs which are commonly found on most desks.

Busy office workers and gamers will appreciate oversized pads which allow consistent tracking with big, sweeping motions. Many of our branded mouse mats are also designed for speed, enabling quick movements. Designers, CAD operators and all kinds of customers can also appreciate the ability to speed through the creative process.

Our personalised Antibug Hard Top Mouse Mat is great for healthcare and winter promotions, with its clever anti bug surface to keep germs away; also great for healthcare, nursery and residential care home audiences where reducing the spread of germs and infection control is paramount all year round.

An executive gift that’s hard to beat is our printed vegan leather (PU) Wireless Charging Mouse Mat. Suitable for all mouse types, the wireless charging pad can charge all compatible devices and double as a device stand and give your company logo, website or phone number daily desk exposure.

Promote your drinks brand, swim club, spa or any ‘liquid’ related business with our fun Promotional Aquamat Mouse Mats. Separate, definied coloured liquids inside the mat create a stress relieving display. Or add shapes or glitter to promote your products or services in a truly unique way.

For the budget conscious, prices start at just 49p each for Brite Mat Lite and 59p for Hard Topped Mouse Mat which is available in a range of off-the-shelf shapes to suit your company goods or services – such as house, heart, phone, laptop and truck - and available in just 5 days.

Personalised Mouse Mats can also be eco friendly; take our personalised Tyre Mouse Mats, which are high quality but made from 99.5% recycled materials, including tyre materials, plastics and paper and printed in up to full colour or Dry Wipe Desk Mats which make note taking a bit more eco friendly.

If you appreciate value for money (VFM), we also have a selection of mouse mats that are dual purpose – custom mouse mats that include a handy wrist rest to reduce tiredness and RSI; full colour textile screen cleaner mouse mats which double as screen cleaners to keep dust and finger marks at bay; mouse mats to display personal photos alongside as your logo and calendar mouse mats to keep everything on track (including the mouse!).

We have such a wide range of promotional mouse mats suitable for all types of mouse so do get in touch if you need some advice or samples to test with your mice.