Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Promotional Products

Keen to incorporate a health-aware twist to your next marketing campaign or in-house merchandise order? Look no further than our wide range of antibacterial promotional products. 

From antimicrobial coffee cups printed with your corporate artwork to anti-bacterial ballpens branded with your logo, these promotional products are perfect for giving to your customers and colleagues alike, showing that your business truly cares about their wellbeing. 

Boasting either antibacterial or antimicrobial technologies, the promotional products you find in this category are all ideal for adding an extra edge of health-and-safety to your upcoming brand activity. Browse our full range below and simply fill out our Rapid Quote form to request pricing for your business today!

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Keep It Safe With Antimicrobial Promotional Products

For the uninitiated, 'antimicrobial' is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as something that is 'able to destroy harmful microbes (small living things that can cause disease)'.

Similarly, the very same tome defines 'antibacterial' as 'intended to kill or reduce the harmful effects of bacteria especially when used on the skin'. So how can a promotional product, such as a printed pen or a branded mug, qualify as antimicrobial or antibacterial?

It's simple: our range of antimicrobial and antibacterial promotional products are all designed with the busting of germs as their top priority. This is achieved with the addition of a special antibacterial or antimicrobial coating to each product, with many of the promotional items shown above retaining their antimicrobial credentials for the lifetime of the product. 

Our Antimicrobial Marrow Mugs, for example, are manufactured with the patent-protected, fully-certified AntiBug® treatment; similarly, our A5 Antibacterial Wiro Bound Pads feature a thermal film that has been treated with antibacterial agents, with a confirmed efficiency of more than 99% reduction of antibacterial activity. Not bad for a branded notepad, right?  

In the post-lockdown world, it's crucial to be mindful of Coronavirus and the various changes your business can make to ensure its operations are as Covid-secure as can be. Whether you're looking for branded office items or logo printed giveaways, our range of antimicrobial promotional products 

Choose Event Giveaways With A Hygiene-Conscious Touch

Planning an event presence in the near future? Whether you're dipping a toe into exhibiting at a winter/spring 2022 event or are planning ahead to summer 2022, our antibacterial promotional products could offer you the perfect giveaway items.

From antimicrobial branded notepads that could double as practical show guides to printed pens with antibacterial coatings, we've got all sorts of timeless event giveaway ideas available - and all with a health-aware twist. 

It doesn't end with giveaways for customers, either. We also have antimicrobial name badges, which can be printed with your logo and staff's names - and even their headshots, if you want to take it one step further! 

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