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Virtual sales meetings are a great way to help your brand secure new business in these uncertain times where a second lockdown is looming, giving you and your attendees the opportunity to meet online rather than face-to-face. Similarly, virtual trade shows and online exhibitions are a brilliant way for your brand to connect with potential new customers, from the safety net of your own home. 

The key to success when representing your UK business through new online means - such as via platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom and so on - is creating the right visual impression for would-be customers. From a striking on-brand backdrop to promotional accessories, it really is all in the detail when it comes to hosting virtual sales meetings and customer consultations! 

Equally, if you're hosting or taking part in a digital event - such as a virtual trade show or an online company-wide presentation via Teams - you'll want to ensure that your attendees are able to sit back and enjoy the experience. 

With all that in mind, log-on to the branding potential and browse our range of virtual meeting must-haves below.

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With businesses quickly adapting to find new ways to connect with their colleagues and customers, there's no time like the present to consider how your brand can log-on to the action.

After all, whilst social distancing guidelines might make face-to-face contact with big audiences or would-be clients harder to come by, the wonders of modern tech mean it's never been easier to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Of course, crucial to this is creating the right first impression. When you're being scrutinised through a web camera or a smartphone screen, it's key to make sure you're projecting the image you want your business to be synonymous with. 

In short: you want things to look smart and on-brand. Enter promotional products - the fuss-free way to guarantee a great first impression each and every time. What better way to instil trust and confidence in your customers without even uttering a word, and for people to remember your business for all the right reasons when they log-off?

Whether you're holding online sales meetings with your team or pitching to clients, or are perhaps participating in a virtual trade show or exhibition, we've got the branded merchandise that will ensure your UK business hits the mark every time. 

Create The Right Impression In Customer Meetings & Consultations

If your company relies on face-to-face communication with customers to secure business or provide a service, odds are that you'll be moving many of your appointments and meetings online. With that in mind, it's important to create the right image of your brand from the moment the camera turns on. 

From healthcare appointments to virtual house tours (via car sales, bridal consultations and so much more!), our range of branded merchandise will help you set the tone from the word go. 

For example: a promotional banner printed with your corporate artwork makes for a smart backdrop if you're conducting an important meeting from home. Nope, you might not be in your office or your usual consultation space - but that's not to say you can't still represent your organisation. Our best selling Roller Banners stand at two metres tall and are emblazoned with your full colour artwork from top-to-toe; easy to put up and take down, they can be stored and reused as and when your business needs them, including at future events, too. 

Similarly, kitting your team out with printed name badges or branded lanyards (complete with easy-read ID cards) can help to establish relationships with customers, whilst also asserting roles within the business. Much like it helps to develop a rapport during face-to-face client meetings, knowing exactly who it is they're talking to can help your customers feel more assured, especially if they're not entirely familiar with virtual consultations. 

If your business has won trophies, getting copies made and distributed among senior staff members is a strong yet subtle way to assert the brilliance of your brand. Engraved awards, such as our 11cm Optical Star Crystal Awards, are ideal for discretely reminding customers of the strength of your brand and the status it holds within its industry. And what better way to reassure a potential new client that you're the company for the job than by seeing visual proof of your excellence...? 

Ensure Your Brand Stands Out At Virtual Trade Shows

Moving events such as trade shows, exhibitions and industry conferences online is a great way to adhere to social distancing guidelines, whilst also allowing exhibitors, speakers and delegates to enjoy similar levels of interaction and engagement.

Details such as branded tablecloths (printed with your full colour artwork and perfect for displaying your products on), attention-grabbing promotional balloons and our best selling A4 Desk Roller Banners are ideal for keeping all eyes on what your business has to offer. 

Both virtual meetings and online shows can benefit from you and your team wearing promotional clothing, too. Items such as our printed T-shirts or promotional polo shirts are ideal for contributing to a composed, polished look on-screen; take it one step further and order your teammates our branded work shirts, which are embroidered with your company logo for a seriously smart touch. 

Promotional Products For Pre And Post-Event Engagement

Posting related merch out to your customers or attendees before or after a meeting or event is a great way to create a positive brand impression from the word go. 

Providing your customers - whether they're clients or delegates - with items that will make the viewing experience a bit simpler is a great place to start. Items such as our best selling branded power banks or promotional phone stands are ideal for ensuring they're able to comfortably stay connected for the duration of your event, and can also be used afterwards, too. Available to be fully customised with your corporate branding, they offer brilliant visibility for your logo and can be used time after time. 

Similarly, sending delegates or attendees branded notepads or promotional pens is another means to make participating in the event simpler, whilst also maximising awareness for your business. Take, for example, our Small Noir Edge Notebooks, which is ideal for making notes in during a conference or presentation; this promotional notepad set is printed with your full-colour branding to the pad and pen, promising further awareness with every word written.

If you opt to send out branded merchandise after the event, it can also offer a fantastic platform upon which to reinforce messages and remind people of the USPs of your business. Our Contour Pen & Business Card sets, for example, are the perfect size for popping in the post as a smart reminder of your contact details; similarly, a promotional giveaway that specifically ties in with your business or industry (for example, a promotional stress toy printed with your branding or a branded keyring) can also work brilliantly. 

Finally: think delicious. For an irresistible 'thank you for attending' giveaway idea (that's perfect for popping in the post along with an info-filled branded USB stick), look no further than our wide range of branded chocolates. Our letterbox-friendly 15g Baton Chocolate Bar is ideal for creating the sweetest lasting impression of your business - and who could possibly resist that?

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