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Make Stress Ready-Set-Go with These Fun Toys

With stress levels ever-high across the UK, there’s no better time to invest in promotional stress balls to show your customers you’re interested in their wellbeing. With exercise and fitness both linked to improving mental health and, critically, reducing stress levels, it makes perfect sense to plump for a branded stress toy that has a health or fitness theme behind it.

With everything from branded Stress Tennis Balls to promotional Stress Pills, we have the whole spectrum of health and wellbeing stress toys covered. Run a dental-related business? Look no further than the promotional Stress Tooth - printed with your branding, it’s perfect for giving out to customers after appointments or orders, and is hopefully the closest they’ll come to a toothache for a while! Work for the NHS, or in a medical-related profession? Our Stress Male Doctor could make a great giveaway for your patients and colleagues alike - it’s up to them to decide who he is, naturally.

In a nutshell: whatever your campaign and whoever your target audience, we have the perfect health and fitness printed stress reliever to match.

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Printed stress balls are perfect for helping your customers unwind in moments where they need a little relief - and if they’re sports fanatics, why not arm them with stress toys designed to tap into their favourite hobbies and activities? Of course, it doesn’t end with personal interests - if your business has a sporting or wellbeing angle, themed stress balls can make budget-friendly additions to your branded merchandise plans.

Be A Good Sport With Our Range Of Fitness-Themed Stress Toys

Whether you run a gym, want to get involved in a topical sporting event (hello, Wimbledon) or simply have an audience of customers who are interested in fitness, keep your clients fittingly inspired with our branded range of sports and hobbies-themed stress toys.

Whether they play the sport themselves or are just mad about watching it, we’ve got a huge range of sports-related stress toys for you to pick from, including our promotional Stress Cricket Ball and Express Stress Football keyrings. The Stress Racing Car is a great choice for an audience of Formula One fans, whilst the promotional Stress Medal is a fantastic way to show your customers you think they’re champions - and they make fun giveaways for sporting events at schools and colleges, too!

Your Health-Related Business Could Benefit From A Branded Stress Ball

As well as helping your customers let off some steam, printed stress balls have the obvious advantage of keeping your branding present in the daily lives of your target audience - and even more so if it’s a stress reliever that relates directly to your company and what it offers!

For example: if you’re an ophthalmologist, the branded Stress Eye is a great giveaway to hand-out at trade events or to customers after appointments. Likewise: if you’re a personal trainer or fitness coach, a Stress Dumbbell printed with your business logo and even contact details could make a great takeaway at industry shows, networking events or to welcome new clients on-board! Equally, if you’re working on a health-related campaign, don’t overlook our range of branded wellbeing stress toys to help you spread your message. Kids will love the cute-but-gross Stress Bug, whilst the printed Stress Heart is great for spreading awareness around general bodily health.

And if all else fails, the Stress Smiley Man is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that will link your business to general health and wellbeing. And breathe...

Why not explore the full range of stress toys we supply, including stress balls & shapes, stress trade & transport, stress food & drink, stress health, sport & fitness, and stress animals & people?

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