Promotional Sport & Fitness Stress Balls

Branded Stress Balls in Shapes for Sporting Events and Fitness Campaigns

When it comes to relieving stress, sport and fitness go hand in hand. That’s why you’ll love our sporting range of promotional stress balls available printed with your logo via spot colour and full colour branding.

Support your team, promote your sports club, start a fitness awareness campaign or align your business with the next big sporting event. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to be the winner.

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Did you know that playing sport releases endorphins that cause you to feel good? Using promotional merchandise for your business, sports club or campaign can turn it into a success which, in turn, will make you feel good too – so why not get the word out there with a branded stress toy?

Our range is ideal for promoting a junior football or rugby team. Or, maybe your company is into sports sponsorship? If so, our football and rugby ball stress toys will look fantastic with your business logo or local club badge displayed on them.

However, for those interested in something more sedate, we have a corker of a cricket ball for you to brand your business logo on, and for athletics clubs why not go the extra mile with a running shoe?

There are so many sporting shapes to pick from, including Stress Tennis Balls, Stress Basketballs, Stress Golf Bals, Boxing Glove Shaped Stress Balls and branded stress Formula One Cars.

With sporting events popping up all the time, you’ll never be short of events to align your business with. Events like the Football and Rugby World Cups, The Ashes, Wimbledon, The Ryder Cup and The British Grand Prix, they are interesting opportunities to bear in mind when planning your marketing campaigns, ensuring the interest of your potential customers.

Have you thought about purchasing a branded stress ball for something else? How about showing your staff how much you appreciate them with a promotional medal shaped stress ball as part of an ‘Employee of the Month’ gift? Or even another design as a quirky, fun incentive gift? It’s a novel way of showing members of staff or customers your appreciation as you help them relieve tension in their daily lives.

There’s something for everyone, including stress ball keyrings which will keep you in the pockets and minds of your clients.

Total Merchandise has been at the heart of promotional merchandise for over 17 years, which means if you can’t find the sport and fitness stress toy you want, let us know what you need. We’ll listen to what you’re after then create a made-to-order stress reliever just for you.