Promotional Tech Accessories

Add A Touch Of Tech To Your Marketing With These Giveaways

Investing in promotional tech accessories is an excellent way to add a modern twist to your merchandise giveaway options. Our range of branded gadgets combines a high-perceived value with endless usability for customers - we have everything from branded stylus pens and headphones to printed charging devices and promotional USB sticks. In short, whether you want a techie gift that’s fun or functional (and more often than not, a bit of both), we’ve got you covered.

We have promotional tech accessories and giveaways to suit all range of budgets, as well as the needs of customers ranging from students to professionals. Keep your business at the forefront of people’s minds by putting your logo on the devices that your customers and clients will use day-after-day - you know it makes sense!

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Promotional tech accessories

Promotional technology giveaways look generous and are a great way to give your business a modern edge over competitors. Total Merchandise offers a wide range of branded tech accessories for you to choose from - and with these items more often than not the kind people rely on (hello, phone charger) on a daily basis, it’s a great way to associate your brand with important technology.

Log-On To These Smart Tech Giveaway Ideas

We have promotional tech accessories to suit all marketing budgets - for example, our full colour Mailer Smartphone Stand starts at just 18p per unit (dependent on order size), whilst the endlessly-useful printed Microfibre Screen Cleaner Cloth is available from just 22p per item (for orders of 5,000).

Our best-sellers include branded Cocoon Earphones, the impressive Lowton Torch Stylus Ballpen (which can be used on touch-screen devices) and the promotional Sticky Phone Card Holder, which makes carrying cards around a breeze. All of these items are printed with your company’s logo, meaning your business gets a little more recognition every time the item is used.

Make The Right Call With Phone-Themed Branded Tech Giveaways

With the average Brit glued to their phone for 24 hours a week, it could pay to give consideration to our mobile-friendly range of promotional products. We have everything you could possibly need, including iPhone cases, Smart Pop Phone Holders and Wireless Charging Pads.

We also have items that are perfect for using in the office, too; promotional phone holders, for example, will keep your company logo on display on people’s desks all day long. We adore the multi-function-cool of the 3 Port USB Hub and Phone Stand, which keeps your phone upright whilst also allowing you to charge it at the same time.

Branded screen cloths and printed stylus pens are also unsung heroes that will make your customers’ day-to-day tech experiences that little bit simpler. After an eco-friendly giveaway option? The printed Card 3D Virtual Reality Glasses are for you:  made from recyclable cardboard, they allow the user to enjoy VR games and apps in style.

Bring The Branding To Your Colleagues With Tech Accessories For Your Team

Of course, it’s not just your customers and clients who can benefit from your promotional tech accessories; rather, your colleagues and team members can, too. Arming them with a corporate-branded phone case for their work mobile, for example, is a great way to weave an impressive element of company identity into their out-and-about adventures - whether they’re meeting clients or representing the business at industry events.

Why not explore the full range of tech accessories we supply, including charging cables, phone accessories, printed phone & ipad covers, touch screen stylus, and computer accessories, or take a look at all of our gadgets?