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Charge Up Your Latest Campaign with a Tech-Savvy Giveaway

As we’re all connected to our devices almost 24/7, products which can keep staff and customers powered up and able to access data or contacts are not only a fantastic promotional product - they could also be a life (or sale!) saver. If you’re heading into a client or supplier meeting and find yourself with a low phone battery, trying to access Google maps to get a location or access sales materials or presentations can be tough.

Being able to boost your phone or tablet battery with a printed power bank or in-car power supply (powered by a branded charging cable) really does have the power to make all the difference. Think of printed charging cables, promotional wireless chargers or USB adaptors as mini heroes: knights in shining armour with your logo on their chests.

Our wide range of branded charging cables includes 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 6-in-1 options, as well as wireless, USB and lightning chargers. Once you’ve added your company branding, these versatile and useful items can be used in all manner of ways, from giveaways at events to promotional offers for customers.

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Promotional Jellyfish 3 in 1 Charging Cables for Offices
Jellyfish Charging Cables

5% off

From £2.46 £2.33

Promotional Smart LED 4-in-1 Cable
LED 4-in-1 USB Cable

5% off

From £2.69 £2.55

3 in 1 Bean Charger Leads
3 in 1 Bean Charger Leads

5% off

From £2.41 £2.29

Corporate Type-C Multi-Hub is full colour printed by Total Merchandise to show off your logo.
Type-C Multi-Hub

5% off

From £3.95 £3.75

Promotional Smart 4 in 1 Charging Cables for Company Giveaways
4 in 1 Charging Cables

5% off

From £1.77 £1.68

Promotional 3 in 1 USB Lanyard Cables for events
3 in 1 USB Lanyard Cables

5% off

From £3.13 £2.97

Eco 4 in 1 Charging Cables in Off White
Eco 4 in 1 Charging Cables

5% off

From £2.15 £2.05

Promotional 3 in 1 Retractable Charging Cable for Event Gifts
3 in 1 Retractable Charging Cable

5% off

From £2.28 £2.17

Promotional 3 in 1 Mini Charging Cables for Corporate Handouts
3 in 1 Mini Charging Cables

5% off

From £1.69 £1.61

Promotional LED charging cable

5% off

From £2.35 £2.23

Promotional Any Shape Multi USB Adaptor Cables for Company Gifts
Any Shape Multi USB Adaptor Cables

5% off

From £2.59 £2.46

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Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, printed charging cables make a great direct mail piece, promoting your company’s USPs in an easy and cost-effective way. Equally, branded smart 6-in-1 multi-device charger cables can allude to the many products or services you offer, as well as your flexibility as a business.

Lead The Charge With These Promotional Products For Your Next Campaign

A branded 2-in-1 lightning micro USB adaptor might highlight your quick turnaround times, Service Level Agreements or speed of delivery; equally, our branded Rubik's Charging Cable Set might tie into the multifaceted nature of your business, and offers plenty of advertising space for multiple messages.

Shine a light on your company with our multi-charging Octopus cables; these 4-in-1 branded USB chargers feature a lightning cable for iPhone, a micro USB and USB C for Android, and a USB cable for connecting to a power source (such as a laptop). Available in plenty of colours, with built-in LED which lights up your engraved logo when it’s charging a device. These octopus multi cables are one of our favourites and we guarantee they will be a real talking point wherever they are used.

Find The Right Branded Charger For Your Audience

With our wide range of promotional charging cables, we really have got something for everyone. Whether your target demographic is university students or desk-bound professionals, we've got the perfect branded charger option for your campaign.

Teenagers love silicone bracelets so if this is your audience – think students, apprentices and festival-goers – then a lightning USB adaptor bracelet is likely to be very popular. Available in black (as well as a range of fun and funky colours), this practical branded USB charging cable will connect any compatible device to a laptop or power bank for charging or data transfer. By the way: it’s available as a micro USB adaptor bracelet charger, too.

Reward executives, busy staff or customers with a travel case containing our 3-in-1 Retractable Charging Cable (which is compatible with Apple and Android devices, as well as devices with micro USB ports). The case is available in a choice of corporate colours to suit your brand, with the multi-device cable making it perfect for IT companies, tech brands or any business where staying connected is an important brand message.

These are also a great idea for conferences, events, exhibitions or any kind of trade show where wearing a lanyard is required as they also include a metal clip for attaching ID cards, passes or keys.

If staying connected to your staff or customers is important to your business, get in touch with us for competitive UK pricing on all your branded charging cables and power bank requirements.

Why not explore the full range of tech accessories we supply, including charging cables, phone accessories, printed phone & ipad covers, touch screen stylus, and computer accessories?

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