Working From Home Essentials

With the government advising businesses to allow staff to work from home again, there's no better time to stock up on the essentials that will make WFH that bit easier for your team.

For swathes of professionals, this won't be their first WFH rodeo; plenty of Brits worked from home during the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, with some offices gradually bringing staff back to the workplace as the summer wore on. In fact, many professionals across the country have worked from home throughout the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic so far. 

However, the government has now urged business owners to allow their staff to work from home (where possible) once more in a bid to slow the spread. So why not make this uncertain time as straightforward as possible for your team by providing them with products to help them with working from home? And even better - why not add a splash of corporate pride by choosing items branded with your logo? 

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Promotional USB Super Flat Flashdrive for universities
USB Super Flat Flashdrive

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Branded Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Printed with Your Logo from Total Merchandise
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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Promotional Smart LED 4-in-1 Cable
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Working From Home Made Easy With Individually Addressed Items

Total Merchandise is delighted to bring you our edit of the must-have promotional products that will make working from home - be it in your very own office, at a desk in the living room or curled up on the sofa with a laptop - a whole lot easier.

Whether it's for you or for your customers, these promotional products all have functionality and practicality at their core, with your logo central to their design. Wherever they're working and whatever the scenario, you can be assured your customers will have all eyes on your brand. 

To make things as easy as possible, we've recently launched our range of Individually Addressed Promotional Products - the branded items that can be sent directly to your employees at their home addresses. 

From branded mugs to promotional notebooks and printed pens, we've got a huge range of items that can be custom-printed with your logo and then delivered straight to your team members. All you need to do is provide us with a list of the names and addresses you'd like the items sent to - and we'll do the rest!

Take It Home With Branded Products For Remote Working

COVID aside, more Brits than ever before are working from home. Whether they're doing it as self-employed operators or are able to remote-work as part of their employment contract, the number of Brits setting up shop in their home offices, living rooms or - in some cases, we suspect - bedrooms, is on the rise.

Flexible working methods are increasingly gaining popularity with businesses around the UK, with events such as Work From Home Week encouraging a change in the way people consider the traditional '9-to-5'. Work From Home Week, for example, has the goal of encouraging employers and employees alike to consider how they operate, with a focus on the benefits for both businesses and individuals that can be reaped from a more flexible approach to work.  

Research exclusively shared by This Is Money in March 2020 revealed that a quarter of Brits work in a means considered to be 'flexible', which includes everything from job-sharing to remote working at home. In fact, so steady is the rise in UK home-workers that around two-in-five of those surveyed in the study (which was undertaken by Lloyds Bank) admitted that if searching for a new home, office space would be one of their requirements. 

Key to the home-working experience is creating an environment that's comfortable for the user. Whether it's you, your colleagues or your clients, products such as our branded desktop USB fans are designed with the end user's comfort in mind.

Our Moso Bamboo Phone Stands are another strong choice; offering a stylish way to keep your phone in full view at all times, it's available to order from as few as just five units. Whether you give them to clients as a luxe 'thank you' gift or present them to team members, they offer a blend of practicality and long-lasting awareness for your brand. 

Similarly, items such as our branded Bee Mix Desktop Garden Tubes and Mini Terracotta Cubes are great for adding a flourish of green to any desktop; factor in the various benefits of having plants in the workplace and you're certainly on to a winner. 

Working From Home Essentials Fit For Any Home Office

So - which promotional products can help you, your customers and colleagues nail WFH? Practicality and purpose should be top of your hit-list of criteria for the best promotional products to make home-working that bit simpler, with branded items that can offer the user a function whilst also subtly enhancing awareness for your brand key.

Working from home requires a certain amount of discipline and motivation, sure - but if it's treated as you would a normal working day in the office, it can be surprisingly easy. However, much like any working space, background noises can be distracting - especially if your neighbours have got the builders in. With that in mind, help your colleagues and customers filter out unwanted noise with a pair of branded headphones, for example; our best-selling Cocoon Earphones make a great cost-effective option, whilst our Moyoo Wireless Headphones make a fantastic high-perceived value alternative that will truly leave an impression.

Branded stationery is also essential. Items such as promotional wall calendars or logo-printed desk calendars are important for helping the user keep on top of appointments, conference calls and more, with your branding adding a smart corporate touch. Naturally, we couldn't mention stationery without drawing your attention to our wide range of branded notebooks - ideal for presenting to staff and customers alike, we've got designs in the perfect size for posting, storing in-house or even delivering in-person.

Our Luxury Soft Feel Notebooks can be ordered in quantities as low as just 50 units, with your branding clearly printed in up to full colour (or even debossed or foil-blocked) for true impact.

Alternatively, prices for our best-selling A6 Note Pads begin as low as just 18p per unit - with your branding prominently on display, they're perfectly sized for scribbling down to-do lists, drafting emails or writing pitches. 

Of course, you can't have paper without pens - and happily enough, we've got a vast array of promotional pens available for you to choose from! Whether you're after cheap printed pens, tech-y promotional stylus pens or perhaps something a little more luxurious (we stock pens by Cross, Waterman, Parker and more), we've got the 'write' match for your needs.

Engage With Colleagues, No Matter The Distance

Whether you work as part of a team or are a busy freelancer, staying connected to colleagues and clients needn't feel difficult when working remotely. Rather, Total Merchandise has a wide range of promotional products that are perfect for ensuring you can stay connected at all times, whether via virtual meetings or team calls.

With the ever-rising usage of webcams, our branded webcam covers not only keep your company front of mind during video conferences but are also value for money giveaways that help protect staff and customers’ privacy when working from home. Our best-selling Sliding Webcam Covers are ideal for ensuring privacy and security; vibrantly printed with your logo, they're as ideal for ensuring security as they for generating brand awareness. It doesn't end there: we've even got screen cleaners that will ensure cameras are crystal-clear for video meetings. 

Of course, essential to staying connected is a means to charge up devices. We have a wide range of gadgets available that will help with exactly that: from our promotional wireless phone chargers to our branded power banks, we've got the perfect charging device to match your marketing budget and requirements. 

And finally: staying connected with your colleagues doesn't end with tech. We've also got a range of WFH wellbeing and gifting ideas that could help your team feel appreciated, even when they're not in the office. 

Anyway! All in all, we're confident we have everything businesses and employees across the UK require in order to work from home successfully. Browse our full range above and don't hesitate to contact the friendly and knowledgeable Total Merchandise team today if you require assistance.

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