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The Best Mood-Boosting Promotional Products For Your Workplace

With the school term imminently about to begin, the dawn of autumn within mere touching distance - we can almost hear those leaves crunching! - and the cooling of balmy summer evenings (though there's still time for a couple more freak heatwaves, no?) there's no time quite like the present to consider a freshen-up in your office.

Whether you work for a local business or a nationwide organisation, now’s the ideal time to breathe some fresh energy into your office, lift staff morale and brighten up the look and feel of your workplace. And happily enough, we have the perfect promotional products to help you do it!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written in August 2019 but we believe it could be helpful to readers and provide value and inspiration for businesses amidst COVID-19. For more information and updates, please visit our Coronavirus Hub.

Why Is Wellbeing In The Workplace So Important?

According to research shared by Mind, 94% of employers across the UK monitor staff wellbeing via surveys and consultation sessions. That's a huge proportion of businesses, and chances are that yours sits within that figure. What does this statistic demonstrate? That companies across the country are taking the wellbeing and mental health of their employees seriously - and with good reason. 

Taking care of your employees' wellbeing isn't without its benefits for your business, too; after all, a happy workforce is a productive one. A study shared by Public Health England backs up that sentiment, finding that close to a fifth (15%) of British workers considered their mental health to have a significant impact on their performance at work.

Which Workspaces Can Benefit From Giving Staff Promotional Products?

In short - every workspace can! We challenge you to find a working environment that wouldn't positively benefit from giving thought to how staff interact, feel and operate during office hours. 

Personal wellbeing aside, promotional products can also help to generate a sense of corporate pride within a workplace and in some cases, even just add a decorative finishing touch! 

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of branded items, it's safe to say Total Merchandise knows a thing or two about helping your business find the perfect promotional products. Read on for our edit of the products that will help lift the mood (and in some cases, the décor!) of your office. 

Go Green With Productivity-Boosting Promotional Plants

According to research conducted by Exeter University a few years ago, plants were proven to make employees 15% more productive - so why not bring some greenery into your office? It doesn't end with productivity - a report shared by cipHR suggests plants in the workplace can also help reduce sickness and staff absences, as well as cleaning the air and making the office appear more aesthetically pleasing, to boot.

Feeling inspired to bring a natural flourish into your workspace? Our perennially popular Tiny Terracottas are available to order in a one-colour print or full a gift that packs a floral punch, opt for our bespoke full-colour label option instead. These beauties are guaranteed to brighten up desks or communal staff areas, with a wide range of seeds available for you to consider. Take your pick from Forget Me Not, Dwarf Sunflower, Cherry Tomato, Chives, Strawberry, English Daisy, English Poppy or fragrant Lavender.

Our Tiny Terracotta Cubes (shown above) are also worth considering - choose from Sunflower, Norway Spruce (Christmas Tree), Lucky Clover, Wildflower, Chilli, Herbs, Butterfly & Bee or Grape Vine to add some pretty to the office.

Give Colleagues The Chance To Let Off Steam With A Branded Stress Ball

The NHS cites the use of a stress ball as a highly effective tool for helping people with stress management. So why not arm your colleagues with a stress toy branded with your company's logo to help them get through tricky moments in the working day?

Of course, we're not suggested that your workplace is such a hotbed of pent-up emotion and misery that your staff need to sit clenching their Stress Crazy Face or spinning their Full Colour Fidget Spinner all day. Because after all, it's not just about stress - rather these fidget-encouraging toys are proven to help improve concentration and quality of thought process, too. 

Get Schedules Organised With A Branded Wall Planner

Help your colleagues keep on top of what's going on (and when!) with a wall planner; whether you use it for tracking internal catch-ups, project deadlines or external meetings, it'll prove invaluable and morale-boosting for everyone to be privy to what's going on. 

Our A1 Wall Planner offers a generous amount of space and also offers plenty of space for your branding, adding a twist of corporate pride, too! 

Encourage Them To Keep Hydrated With A Logo Printed Water Bottle

It might sound a bit odd but providing your staff with an easy-grab water bottle can be a great way to remind them to keep hydrated. (Because no, extra-strong coffee or that third can of energy drink don't really qualify as the most hydrating of liquids.) 

It might sound trivial but it can be all too easy to lose track of time when you're heads-down with a project, meaning your colleagues can easily get dehydrated without realising it. With dehydration proven to have links with anxiety, it can be invaluable for your staff to have a reminder to drink water - and they don't come much more obvious that our promotional water bottles.

Make Elevenses More Exciting With Logo-Branded Tea & Snacks

Freshen up the office tea-run by giving your colleagues the opportunity to enjoy a soothing cup of green tea; the herbal tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid, which is proven to reduce stress levels.

Help Them Get Things Off Their Mind With A Promotional Notebook

Sure, we're officially a nation of screen addicts. Chances are your employees or colleagues spend hours each day with their eyes glued to a computer - but there's still value to be found in scribbling things down on paper. (As this excellent Medium article points out, writing is a means of acknowledging the tasks that need to be done, and the typical person may not even need to look at their list again.)

Enter the promotional notebook; branded with your artwork, this is a highly usable product that will help your colleagues empty their thoughts onto paper rather than keeping them bottled up. 

Give Them Space To Unwind With Personalised Headphones

If your workplace has the option to allow staff to listen to music while they work, promotional headphones or earbuds could make a great giveaway option for your staff. Whilst a universal office radio will always leave someone grumbling, the opportunity to listen to your own personal preference - be it a podcast or RnB - can spur people on to work better and harder, as well as cancelling out distracting background noise.

A report by Bupa actually suggests that even the simple act of putting on headphones can help your colleagues get into the work mindset, 'as it creates a mental barrier between us and the surroundings'. The study suggests classical music as being a great match for complicated report-compiling, or 'happy' music for colleagues who are working on creative solutions. 

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