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57% of people skip meals in favour of snacking so Promotional Snacks could be an important part of your marketing campaign. At Total Merchandise we have a wide range of single and sharing size snacks to suit a savoury or a sweet tooth with prices starting at just 5p for branded sugar sticks, or 14p for individual promotional Custard Creams or ginger biscuits.

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 Skipping meals and snacking throughout the day is becoming increasingly common with up to half of those surveyed admitting it’s a daily occurrence, according to research by Harris Interactive in conjunction with The Grocer. The main reasons given for skipping meals are that ‘snacking is easier’ and ‘I need to eat on the go’. These stats indicate that busy lifestyles have led to a need for ‘instant’ food which is where the convenience of snacks come in.

A promotional box of breakfast biscuits for the commute in to work will communicate your brand message with others on the train, a mid morning branded bag or mini bucket of popcorn, or a lunchtime mini Pringle pot shared with colleagues or in a meeting will all help extend your brand message around the office.

A self contained, reusable printed breakfast snack box containing a natural juice drink and healthy Alpen breakfast bar would be a welcome addition to anyone’s desk or briefcase. And with the full colour branded box being reused time and again, your message will still be visible long after the original contents have been consumed.

Why not consider promotional tins of chocolate chip cookies, Belgian chocolate cookies or shortbread biscuits for reception areas or meeting rooms to share the snacking love to a wider audience.

For specific campaigns or trade show giveaways, branded muesli packs, mini pretzel bags or oriental Fortune Cookies could give your company some standout and tie into National Breakfast week (January), Chinese New Year (February) or America’s 4th of July or Thanksgiving celebrations.

To reward customers for their support throughout the year, full colour printed Christmas treat tins or golden Walnut whirls could be on your Christmas wish list.