Promotional Staff Name Badges

Start a Corporate Campaign Clients Can Identify With

If you want to create a professional brand identity around the workplace or at bustling promotional events then personalised name badges are the best choice. Available in metal, plastic, wood and even recycled options for businesses wishing to advertise their company logo in an eco-friendly light. Most styles can be printed in eye-catching full colour for maximum impact on the move, and will flaunt your brand wherever the wearer goes, all while helping clients and other members of staff easily identify them by name. A logical business essential that can also be used to keep your company message on prime display.

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 Custom badges are also popularly used by every company that interacts with the public for identification. Printed Staff Name Tags not only hold your employee’s name but also your company logo. Like all other badges, they have a variety of different fixtures and fittings to affix to the wearer’s clothing. The most typical are pin fittings (on pin badges), clutch pin fittings and magnetic fasteners, but depending on your badge of choice there are various others available.

 Promotional Name Badges are not only the best way to identify your staff but also help customers to pick out your business brand or representatives at busy exhibitions, trade shows and more, all while adding a touch of class to your campaign.

Identify your staff to the public with personalised name badges and get the right message across to the right people, all at great low prices. Or if you want to make even more impact, we even do custom badges in bespoke shapes, potentially even a recognisable simple design that is relevant to your company for a truly unique finish.