Promotional Teddy Bears

These Promotional Teddies Are Bear-y Cute, Don’t You Think?

Promotional teddy bears are a brilliant way to add a touch of ‘cute’ to your marketing campaigns, with our range of branded bears ready to be printed or embroidered with your company’s logo. Resplendent in their printed T-shirts, our selection of teddy ambassadors are perfect for helping spread awareness of your business - after all, who can resist a bear?

Recent research shared by Hotpoint found a third of British adults still sleep with a soft toy at nighttime - so whilst a promotional teddy might seem like the product of choice for a younger audience, it can actually appeal to older customers, too.

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Keychain Bear in Brown
Keychain Bear

From £1.83

Baby Bear
Baby Bear

From £0.77

Promotional Hippo Teddy for Childrens Gifts
Hippo Teddy

From £2.93

Keychain Dog in Cream
Keychain Dog

From £1.83

Promotional Bear in a Mug for Childrens Merchandise
Bear in a Mug

From £4.45

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Promotional teddy bears

A promotional teddy bear - ahem - bearing your branding or logo on its T-shirt can make an excellent marketing tool for your business. On a basic level, a promotional teddy bear is incredibly cute and has guaranteed ‘aww!’ factor. From a more sophisticated viewpoint, they’re also portable and visible, with their canvas-style T-shirts guaranteeing your company’s logo can enjoy maximum exposure.

There’s A Promotional Teddy Bear For Every Occasion

Whether it’s a graduation ceremony, a charity fundraiser event or a start-of-term promotion, there is a wide variety of occasions where a branded teddy bear can make its (paw) mark. For one thing, it adds a sweeter, more sensitive side to your marketing endeavours and is a great way to add a ‘human’ touch to your brand awareness efforts. In short, when it comes to the bare - bear? - necessities of marketing, a promotional teddy bear is a great way to go.

By the way: promotional teddies make great seasonal giveaways, too. For example: if you’re on the hunt for a sweet corporate Christmas gift, look no further than the adorable promotional T-Shirt Snowman Teddy or the super-cute branded Christmas Teddy T-Shirt Bear to add a little festive cheer to your seasonal marketing output. Alternatively, our Christmas Bow Reindeer looks rather fancy in his special Christmas bow, which is beautifully printed with your company’s name and logo.

Max Your Marketing Impact With Our T-Shirt-Wearing Teddies

The gruff-and-gorgeous 12cm Paw Teddy Bear is our best-selling promotional teddy and it’s easy to see why. With his tousled mane, silky-soft paws and gentle countenance, the generous print-space on his T-shirt is ideal for printing with your company’s branding and artwork; prices begin as low as £2.50 per bear, meaning he’s incredibly budget-efficient. Unlike other notable members of the Ursus family, there’s no need for honey or marmalade to keep this bear sweet - he manages it all on his own!

Another grizzle-tastic option is Robbie the promotional teddy bear: this unbearably cute promotional teddy has the sweetest expression and is wearing a long tee that’s ideal for printing with your logo or artwork. Yes, he’s adorable. Prices for our printed Jango Teddy Bear (15cm), meanwhile, begin at £7.68 per bear (dependent on order size) - he’s also available in a range of other sizes, so please do contact us if you’d be interested in receiving details.

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