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If you're looking for promotional bags for business and travel this section hosts the best marketing ideas for you, including printed cooler bags for maintaining the temperature of your food on the move, personalised toiletry bags, custom laptop bags and backpacks and branded document bags that can also double as school bags. Their practicality is undeniable, with the ability to advertise your company logo on the go with every use, spreading awareness of your business with more than just the recipient.

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Seminar Bags

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Shoe Boot Bag

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 With more than 72 million trips overseas per year by UK residents, almost 7 million of which were for business, it makes sense to invest in promotional products that clients can take with them on the go, all around the world. Personalised bags are already recognised as practical everyday essentials with incredible mobile advertising potential, but some bags are tailor made to assist in your travel and business requirements. Whether you make trips around the UK or abroad, you’re certain to find something to suit you.

 If you’re making a long-haul flight or simply commuting locally to business meetings or work, you’ll want to keep your important documents and files organised and close at hand. Our branded conference bags, document bags, wallets and printed shoulder bags are excellent choices, with options to suit budgets and companies of all sizes.

 Depending on the style, there are spaces for pens, documents and papers, mobile phones, notebooks or other essential stationery. Our corporate branded laptop bags even offer bonus space for most laptops or tablet PCs/iPads. Their sheer usefulness makes them not only perfect for business workers but also as school bags for students at schools, colleges and universities.

 For the organisation and care of your more personal travel items over short or long-distance trips, we also offer promotional toiletry bags, duffel bags, holdalls and printed shoe bags to help make access to your essentials quick and easier wherever you go.

 Do you have food or beverages with a temperature you want to maintain on your journey? Our range of personalised cooler bags can help keep things warm or cool for longer, perfect for packed lunches and picnics or catering or food delivery companies.

 All our promotional travel and branded business bags are long lasting advertising opportunities ready to be printed, sometimes even embroidered with your company logo to enable you to promote on the go at incredible value prices.