Promotional Ice Scrapers

Take Your Marketing Campaign on The Road with These Branded Ice Scrapers

Come the cooler months, branded ice scrapers make a brilliant promotional gift that will prove invaluable to your customers time-after-time. Our range of promotional ice scrapers will add some serious ‘cool’ to your marketing efforts in the winter, keeping your brand in the minds (and hands!) of your customers on even the frostiest of mornings.

Best of all, customers will subliminally associate your business with reliability and practicality. What’s not to like?

Total Merchandise has a wide selection of promotional ice scrapers for your consideration. Whether you want an eco-friendly option, a design that’s a little different or simply a classic ice scraper that will match your budget requirements, we’ve got the perfect printed ice scrapers for you to take your pick from!

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Keep Your Customers On The Road With Promotional Ice Scrapers

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, our selection of promotional ice scrapers present you with a merchandise idea that won’t be chucked after one use. Rather, it will become essential in the day-to-day life of your customers, helping them to kick-start their days in even the chilliest of climes.

Gone are the mornings of having to use a credit card or - shudder - CD case to scrape snow, frost or ice from a car window. Rather, with Total Merchandise’s wide variety of branded ice scrapers, handling winter windows will be a (non-Arctic) breeze for your customers.

Ideal for motoring companies and garages to giveaway to customers at the end of completed transactions, these life-saver products are available in a huge range of brand-matching colours - and we even have an assortment of eco-friendly ice scrapers for you to choose from, too.

Why not gift your most valued customers a mini gift-set? We also sell a wide range of printed air fresheners, too, which are perfect for allowing them to breathe in some soothing scent once they’ve managed to wrestle the iced-up door open…!

Take Your Pick From These Cool Merchandise Giveaway Ideas

You can’t go wrong with our Curved Ice Scraper - it’s our best-seller in the category for a reason! With a wide face that makes chiselling away ice easy, its generous dimensions mean your logo will be beautifully visible at all times, reminding your customers of your business every time they need to use it.

A squeegee-style promotional ice scraper will truly give your users something to grip onto and you can’t go wrong with our Recycled Elite Ice Scraper or Recycled Billboard Ice Scraper; both products are available at highly competitive prices and are ideal for adding an environmentally conscious edge to your marketing efforts.

Help Thaw The Frustration With Printed Ice Scrapers

Whilst snow and ice can’t be controlled once the temperatures begin to dip, you can take control of how you help your customers handle inclement weather and the impact it has on their daily lives.

As well as the obvious of shifting ice from windows, a promotional ice scraper can help ease stress and frustration levels for users who are concerned they will be late for work or school drop-offs because of the ice. Another pro of gifting your valued customers? They won’t be forced to use any wacky alternatives instead - yes, people really have tried to use brooms and dustpans to help them shift ice off their windscreens.

Why not explore the full range of general we supply, including motoring items, luxury gifts, tape measures & tools, torches, outdoor and garden, and lighters?

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