Personalised Ice Scrapers

Thaw Your Corporate Campaign with Low Cost Branded Ice Scrapers

Easily one of the most essential motoring products, printed ice scrapers are practical corporate giveaway gift ideas that are certain to keep your logo on prime display, almost every day throughout winter. Manufactured in a variety of colours and designs to best suit your campaign, they are a lucrative investment that won’t simply be discarded after one use. Available in environmentally friendly, full colour printed and even compact wallet sized options, all ready to be customised with your company brand.

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For companies and organisations within the automotive industry, branded ice scrapers are an obvious choice for promotional campaigns, guaranteed to be of use to all car owners, employees and customers alike. However, with over 37 million vehicles registered for use on the road in Great Britain, there is a clear advertising opportunity for almost any business.

Print your company logo or message to many of our customised ice scrapers in eye-catching full colour for engaging, high impact designs that will get your ideas noticed on even the dreariest of winter mornings. You could even invest in recycled or recyclable ice scrapers to ensure you advertise your corporate brand in an eco-friendly light, which is becoming increasingly important every day.

Different choices are available to suit most budgets, so at a price tailored to your needs, you can be seen to care for your potential customer’s road safety, all while ensuring your corporate brand is seen simultaneously.