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If you're planning a direct mail campaign, you can't go wrong with branded promotional mouse mats or personalised coasters. Every business or home office will have at least one of these in use, and both are perfectly sized for mailing out as part of a targeted marketing campaign. Total Merchandise has everything from printed hardtop, soft top, recycled or custom shaped mouse mats, to printed glass or glossy cork coasters in rectangular, square, round or octagonal - you could say we've covered all the angles for promotional coasters and mouse mats! Prices start at just 6p for coasters and express branded mouse mats and coasters can be turned around in as little as 72 hours.

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Desk accessories such as promotional mouse mats and personalised coasters enable a co-ordinated office look for consumer facing businesses such as travel agents, high street banks and estate agents as well as reception or welcome desks and offices. Matching mousemat and coaster sets are a cost effective way to double your branding without doubling your costs.

Many promotional mouse mats have added extra benefits such as including a calendar, clear liftable flaps to keep a note or photo on show alongside your company branding, integrated wrist rests to reduce strain and desk clutter, double sided for twice the messaging surface, and even microfibre mouse mats that double as a screen cleaning cloth.

And creativity needed be compromised with full colour, photo quality mouse mats and coasters available in standard and custom shapes and sizes, as well as large desk mats, and A2 and A3 counter mats for large scale branding opportunities.

According to research (PPAI 2017) the top 3 reasons people keep promotional products are because they are fun, functional and trendy, and while you may not think promotional mouse mats fall into the trendy category, they are essential for creative types, programmers and dedicated gamers for speed and extended mouse life. Textile or soft top mouse mats are perfect for increased friction and control or hard top mats for agility and speed so if you’re ideal audience is the designer, animator, programmer or hard core gamer, a mousemat could be the perfect end game for your marketing campaign.

Total Merchandise can also supply promotional mouse mats and coasters to meet eco friendly or sustainability credentials such as wood, glass, recycled tyre, recycled polystyrene and paper, metal, leather or cork.

If you’re not sure which product is right for you, get in touch with the friendly team here at Total Merchandise and we can make recommendations and send you mousemat and coaster samples to test.

Total Merchandise has been supplying promotional mouse mats and printed coasters for 14 years for desks, bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants, hotels and home offices everywhere. Request a quote, a free sample or a callback via our website or call our sales team on 01376 509092.