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Blow Up Your Marketing Campaign with Our Range of Inflatable Merchandise

Our range of promotional inflatables is ideal for adding some fun to your marketing efforts and adding a splash of playful style to seasonal campaigns.

Perfect for getting your brand in front of an audience of holidaymakers - whether they’re enjoying themselves overseas or at the nearby seaside - our assortment of just-add-air promotional merchandise is ideal for adding some fun to your summer campaign.

From printed beachballs and blow-up fingers to branded footballs and bang bang sticks, we have a wide range of inflatable items that are ideal for adding some fun to your marketing this summer.

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Keep It Playful With Branded Beach Balls

Associate your business with good times and a playful outlook by arming your customers with promotional inflatable toys, such as printed footballs, branded beach balls and more.

Our range of branded inflatable toys is perfect for adding some spring to the step of your next marketing campaign. Whether you want to enable your customers to play a game of beach ball or by-the-sea football, they’ll do it with your logo on full display for all to see.

Whether your business relates to travel or hospitality - or perhaps even toys for kids - inflatables are something that everyone can have fun with. After all, who can resist the siren call of a promotional beachball...? 

Take Your Pick From These Promotional Inflatables

Our Giant Inflatable Footballs are perfect for adding some fun wherever they go, be it the beach, the playground or the back garden. Little ones will love the plus-size of the football; its generous proportions means your logo will be clearly printed in up to four colours on one panel - that sounds like a marketing goal to us!

For a high-impact promo option, look no further than our classic Bang Bang Sticks. Delightfully in-your-face and perfect for generating brand awareness and supporting sporting events, races and so on, they’re as silly as they are savvy - after all, your logo will certainly get attention printed on to one of these!

Printed Beachballs At Budget-Friendly Prices

For a ludicrously budget-friendly option, consider our simple Printed Beach Balls, which are available in eight different colours and are ideal for staycations, fun in the park and more. 

Whilst we can’t vouch for your customers’ skills on the volleyball court, we can guarantee these fun promotional beach balls will keep your logo flying through the air all summer long!

Why not explore the full range of sports we supply, including sports bottles, golf, cycling, pedometers & digital counters, sportswear and accessories, and inflatables?

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