Promotional Headphones, Earphones & Ear Buds

Help Your Customers Tune In To Your Branding With These Ideas

Promotional headphones or branded earphones are arguably the product to motivate staff, improve productivity and allow your customers to stay connected or in-tune with their favourite audio or music throughout the day.

Add your company branding and perhaps a printed case, and you’ll literally have the ear of your key contacts, customers and stakeholders, whether they're on the school run, at work or at the gym. Promotional earphones and branded headphones are a great product for any B2B or B2C campaign, helping to create awareness among fellow commuters, colleagues, friends and family too.

Another advantage of promotional headphones? They're small enough to post out in direct mail campaigns or to hand-out at event giveaways. Hero products include our best-selling promotional Cocoon Earphones, as well as our highly cost-effective Budget Blast Earphones and Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - and it doesn't end there. Browse our range of promotional headphones in full below! 

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Promotional headphones, earphones & earbuds

Use Branded Headphones To Keep Staff Motivated

Arming your colleagues with promotional headphones is a proven way to help increase productivity and concentration in the workplace. According to the Noise & Wellbeing at Work 2019 survey, which was conducted by The Remark Group, over half of UK adults say they are interrupted by noise more than five times a day, with 46% admitting they wear headphones to block out or reduce noise distractions. So why not help staff concentrate, zone into tasks and reduce distractions - all of which will boost their productivity as well as motivation? Company-branded earphones can be worn with pride by staff, as well as provided as corporate gift headphones to customers and other stakeholders too.

As well as allowing your staff to focus on their tasks at hand, listening to music or podcasts can keep listeners motivated and inspired, as well as arming them with a productive frame of mind. The fact your headphones will have your company logo printed onto them will add an impressive hint of corporate identity to proceedings - and to have your logo on full display, why not invest in these generously-sized Overhead Headphones

Turn Up The Volume With Branded Speakers and Promotional Earphones

One of our best sellers are the Cocoon earphones, which are supplied in a crystal case printed with your company logo in single or full-colour print. These stylish earbuds come in a range of fun and funky colours which work well with any logo and any audience, with Android and iOS integrated software.

Our wireless Bluetooth earbuds are sleek, stylish and modern – there are no frustrating cables, meaning these promotional headphones are great for outdoor activities, health and fitness campaigns, music or other audio-related promotions, or simply aimed at millennials and Generation Z’ers, who are never parted from their devices.

Promotional headphones are an excellent tool to keep you in the minds of your target market, whether they’re listening to music, making a phone call or trying to focus at work. They make great promotional gifts,and can be added to other complementary products to create a bigger impact – why not give a set away with some of our branded speakers for a fabulous giveaway for VIP clients or staff awards?

Switch Up The Fun With Light-Up Earbuds

The vast majority of Brits own a phone, laptop or tablet which has a jack for promotional earbuds, earphones or headphones. With consumers more likely to keep promotional products that are ‘fun, functional and trendy’ (according to recent research from the PPAI), branded headphones are a no-brainer marketing investment regardless of who your target audience is.

Want to add a little more fun to proceedings? Look no further than our Strix Light Up Earbuds, which come with a clip-on reel decorated with blinking lights. Great for use indoors and out, they are also excellent for night-time events or safety campaigns, and are available in a range of colour options, with up-to full-colur printing available.

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