Promotional Merchandise Items That Can Help Mental Wellbeing

The conversation around mental health and wellbeing is growing ever-louder and - it goes without saying - with due cause. With levels of stress, anxiety and depression at all-time highs across the UK, there's never been a better time to put some consideration into how you can help your customers. 

Encouraging your audience to take even just five minutes to put themselves first can be as beneficial for your business as it can for their wellbeing. Total Merchandise has a wide range of promotional giveaways that are perfect for helping your customers unwind, whilst keeping your brand ever-present in their minds. 

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written in July 2019 but we believe it could be helpful to readers and provide value and inspiration for businesses amidst COVID-19. For more information, please visit our Coronavirus Hub.

What sort of campaign can use wellbeing-themed promotional products?

In a nutshell: anyone can benefit from being encouraged to look after themselves and their mental wellbeing. According to statistics shared by the Mental Health Foundation, one-in-six adults across the UK experiences a common mental health problem every single week - so providing promotional merchandise that can help your customers take five for themselves is a great way to demonstrate your business cares.

Whether you're curating items to tie-in with a specific campaign or are simply looking for some luxurious giveaways to top-up an event goodie bag with, there are all sorts of scenarios where your target customer can benefit from wellbeing and mindfulness-inspired gifting. For example:

  • Mental health campaigns: of course, this is the obvious fit for campaigns that are encouraging customers to look after their mental wellbeing.
  • Professional-facing campaigns: with 15.4 million work days 'lost to stress' across the UK between 2017 and 2018, offering workers a bit of support could prove invaluable.
  • Academic campaigns: whether your target audience is at school, college or university, there are unique tiers of stress and pressure that tie in with each. 

And many more, too!

Read on for our edit of promotional mental health products that are perfect for proving to your customers that your business truly cares.  

Branded Stress Balls

The classic, no? With prices starting as low as 45p per stress ball for our Stress Ball Keyring, we have endless stress ball options available. No, really!

Whether you want to choose by industry, colour or delivery time, we've got the perfect stress ball to match your promotional campaign - and with your company's logo clearly printed onto each of these easy-squeezy promotional products, it's a fantastic option with guaranteed usability that can appeal to almost anyone. 

A4 Stress Relief Colouring Books

Mindfulness colouring books first surged to popularity a few years ago, and they're an incredibly simple yet effective way to help your customers zone out and do nothing more taxing than choosing which colour pencil to use next. 

To complete the gift, present it with our branded tube of colouring pencils, which comes complete with a sharpener, too. 

The Little Brown Tube Mental Health Kit

Containing a range of products that are perfect for encouraging your colleagues or customers to take even just a few moments for themselves, our Little Brown Tube Mental Health Kit is a gem. 

Each kit contains products that can help with mental health, including a sleep balm, a sleep mask, roll-on pulse point and a bottle of natural relaxing foam bath. Your full colour branding and corporate message are printed on the tube's exterior label, demonstrating perfectly how much your business cares.

Cambridge Promotional Mugs

Whatever their preferred drink is, help them enjoy it in style with a promotional Cambridge mug, which is perfect for showing off your branding in up-to full colour.

Whether your customers choose to use it at home or at work, it's the perfect mug for keeping awareness for your business at a high!

Printed Green Tea Teabags

And while we're on the subject of the simple cuppa: green tea is proven to help reduce anxious thoughts. How? The tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps lower stress levels and relaxes the mind. 

With that in mind, why not give your customers sachets of our promotional green tea teabags? Prices start at just 8p per bag, and with a minimum order of 5,000, you're fully in control of how many you choose to give away. These are also brilliant for keeping in the office, too, encouraging your colleagues to enjoy a soothing cuppa. 

Full Colour Fidget Spinners

With research suggesting fidgeting can help keep stress levels in check, a promotional fidget spinner could make a fantastic addition to promotional campaigns targeted at children and adults alike. 

Our Full Colour Fidget Spinner features your artwork in full colour on both the front and the back of the toy, meaning brand awareness with every single twirl.

Promotional A5 Daily Colombia Diary

Emptying the mind - be it of thoughts, feelings or things that need to be done - can help reduce carrying things around mentally. Well, that's the theory, at least...

Help your customers tackle this by arming them with a gorgeous promotional diary, printed or embossed with your business' logo for a flourish of promotional finesse. Want to complete the giveaway in style? Browse our huge range of promotional pens to find the one that best matches your campaign!

Luxury Magnetic Sculpture

This sophisticated gift makes a great corporate giveaway. Adding an artistic touch to any desk, the moveable nature of the sculpture means your customers can rearrange the 200 differently-sized metal balls as they wish. 

A classic stress-reducing business gift, prices start as low as £6.71 per product, with your branding clearly engraved on the base of the sculpture. 

Scented Tea Light Candle Pods

For a promotional product your customers can unwind with at home, look no further than these delicious Scented Tea Light Candle Pods.

Available in a wide range of delicate fragrances, these exquisite tealights are blending some soothing scent into your customers' abodes; your company's branding is clearly printed on the label of the tube the tealights are delivered in.

Promotional Stress Cards

Finally! For a more tongue-in-cheek giveaway option, consider these promotional Stress Cards.

On holding their thumb on the central section of the card, the user will be given a rating of their stress level - think along the lines of a mood ring but sans the bling. The entire back of the card can be customised with your corporate branding, whether you wish to display your contact details, information about a hashtag campaign or something else entirely. 

Want more inspiration for your next promotional event giveaway? We have hundreds of ideas for you to consider - browse now and contact us today for your Rapid Quote!

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