How To Keep Your Promotional Merchandise On Trend In 2019

Every business strives to remain current and promotional merchandise is no different.

Consumer trends are constantly changing, 2018 saw the rise of the fidget spinner, but what will be the promotional product of 2019? We’ve got your business covered with the promotional merchandise trends to watch in 2019.

The ‘Wow’ Factor of Wireless

We live in a world which is constantly evolving more and more wireless products.

Headphones? Wireless. Chargers? Wireless. Speakers? Wireless. Your mouse? Wireless.

Can you see where we’re going here?! The future is wireless. Bearing this in mind in your promotional marketing strategy will keep your business showcased as a modernised brand.

Our Favourite Wireless Products:

Wireless Charging Pads

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Going Green

Not a day goes by where headlines don’t warn us of the ever increasing temperature of the planet, the plastic in our oceans and the need for us to make a change to our lifestyles. Going green is becoming mainstream as customers, brands and businesses all play their part. Why not use your promotional marketing to highlight this? A recent ASI impressions study, found nearly 65% of buyers say they prefer to keep promo products that are environment-friendly.

Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Products:

Bamboo Eco Coffee Cups

Recycled Notepad and Pen Sets

Health is Wealth

Fitness is becoming ever-increasingly popular, with the rise of Instagram fitness influencers and the growing popularity of clean eating, we’re starting to care more and more about getting fit and keeping healthy. Employers can take advantage of this with their marketing strategies, some often offer discounts on gym memberships and healthcare, but have you thought about utilising your promotional products to promote an active lifestyle? 1 in every 7 people in the UK has a gym membership, but being healthy isn’t all about hitting the gym. Wearing a fitness tracker can help encourage your staff to keep moving throughout the day - particularly helpful if you work a desk job!

Our Favourite Health & Fitness Products:

Bluetooth Fitness Smart Watch

Resaca Sports Bottles

Market to Millennials

The word ‘Millennials’ seems to be the buzzword of the year, but they’re actually a huge demographic. People aged 23-38 in 2019 are millennials and this generation makes up 31% of the UK population. So we need to market to them with products they can relate to. This is the Instagram generation, the smartphone connected generation, who spend hours a day on their phones. People of this age demographic are used to being marketed to online and therefore the more traditional methods of marketing like promotional merchandise, stand out as more unique and memorable but the product needs to be the right fit.

Our Marketing to Millennials Favourites:

USB Flashdrive Twist

Turbo Smart Phone Stand

Now you know the promotional products your customers are looking for, why not get a quote from us today!