Promotional Merchandise for Schools

by Vicky Gardner | 14th May 2019

Promotional Merchandise for Schools

Branded items for schools come in many shapes and sizes, and are never more useful than at school events. From summer fêtes to end-of-term concerts, charity raffles to Christmas bazaars… There are endless term-time opportunities in schools where promotional merchandise can really support your efforts!

To help you decide which products could help your school, we’ve whittled down our A*  performers, as well as some different ways you can use them.

Bags Of Style

Guaranteed to be used by students, school bags are essential for children in education on a daily basis. Branded school bags not only show off your school logo to people in the local area but can also give students a sense of pride, creating a smart look to compliment their school uniform.

One of our favourite school bags is the Enhanced Vis School Bag. This bag stands out to us - quite literally! - because it has enhanced visibility lining, which is great for helping keep children safe on their travels to and from school.

Another very popular design is our branded drawstring bag, which would also suit school sports teams and makes carrying a P.E. kit easy for a child. With prices beginning from as little as 60p, it’s also a great option for parents who are on a tighter budget.

In The Good Books

Stationery is a student staple and therefore a great promotional product for your school to invest in. We have a wide range of stationery available but a particular favourite of is the stationery desk set, which can be fully customised with your school’s logo. This box of stationery contains everything a student might need and will also help keep desks neat and clutter-free, too! The stationery box is filled with 12 coloured pencils, a 50-sheet plain notepad, eraser and wooden pencil sharpener. In short, it’s a daily essential that can be easily carried in a pupil’s school bag.

Promotional pencils are another fantastic tool for schools as they can be used both in and out of the classroom by students and visitors alike. These are a simple and cost-effective marketing tool that will raise awareness of your school, as well as creating a subtle sense of community amongst staff and students. Of course, you can’t have a pencil without a rubber, so why not compliment your branded pencils with colourful erasers bearing the school’s logo and colours?

Perfect Prizes For Pupils

Promotional products for school giveaways are always popular with our customers. These can include rewards for good behaviour, prizes for school fêtes or gifts up for grabs at the Christmas bazaar. One popular option? School teddies are always a sought-after prize in the school tombola, loved by children and adults alike. These cuddly branded bears wear a t-shirt with the school’s logo (printed in full colour) and come in four colour options.

Alternatively, a branded Rubiks cube is a clever way to engage with your audience at events and stimulate young minds - and even parents can’t resist this old favourite! Due to its challenging and attention-grabbing nature, we recommend stocking up in advance of your next school event. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Make An Impression

Application time is the perfect opportunity for prospective students and their parents to find out more about your school, and promotional merchandise can be a great way to ensure their visit is memorable. Handing out branded notebooks to potential students when they arrive creates a great first impression whilst also allowing children or their parents to take notes as they are shown around.

Throughout the entire school year, we have a wide range of promotional products to support your needs.

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