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For the uninitiated, a Freshers' Fair is one of the most important events in the student calendar; as well as giving new students the chance to discover campus-based clubs and societies, it also presents them with the opportunity to connect with local businesses and national brands that they might not have encountered before.

In a word, we're talking about freebies, people. Good old promotional giveaways that students will love, with your branding perfectly displayed the whole time. 


The typical Freshers' Fair presents a brilliant opportunity for your business: namely, to put your brand in front of a whole new audience of potential customers. Typically, students will attend a Freshers' Fair to discover clubs and societies, as well as to make the most of the swag up for grabs, too - after all, students head to uni knowing they will be living on a low-income for the duration of their course, before graduating with (most likely) a fair whack of debt in their wake. So naturally, the opportunity to walk away with some practical freebies is not one to be turned down!

Typically speaking, the standard Freshers' Fair will feature displays from clubs, societies and local businesses, all hoping to entice new students to visit their stands. The typical 'Freshers' Week' period differs from university to university, with some starting in early September. The meaning? If you're planning on promoting at a Freshers' Fair, or to new students in general, you need to start thinking about your branded merchandise now - and give consideration to the best freebies for freshers fair to help generate awareness for your business.

The UK's Best Ideas For Freshers Week Freebies

Here at Total Merchandise, we have a broad range of freshers fair ideas for your consideration - though of course, their appeal isn't limited purely to the start-of-term fairs. With an influx of new students into the town, local businesses need to make sure their brand is known in order to attract new customers - and what better way to do it than with some promotional merch?

If you work within a university town, you will know your customer base changes each year, so you need to constantly keep up with changing times to be successful - and not rely too heavily on the loyalty of already existing customers.

So, if your business is operating within a university town, make the most of it by offering promotional merchandise. Without further ado, here are some of the best freshers fair freebies for your consideration!

Promotional Message Bug

Looking for the perfect freebies for freshers fairs - that won't blow your budget? You can't go far wrong with our cost-effective message bugs. Sweet, simple and budget-friendly, the humble message bug is a promotional classic and is perfect for printing with your branding. We have a wide range of logo bugs available at incredibly cheap prices; browse our full range to find the perfect design to match your campaign!

Printed Cotton Tote Bags

Who can resist a beautifully designed tote bag? Printed with your branding, it will come in useful time-after-time for freshers around campus, helping them transport books and other student essentials with ease. Long-lasting, reusable and eco-friendly, they make a stylish and eco-conscious alternative to plastic carriers. 

Branded Hand Sanitiser Gel

Almost as notorious as the Freshers' Fair is the Freshers' Flu: decidedly less exciting, it's a grim rite of passage that most students would prefer to swerve. Give them a fighting chance by handing out bottles of promotional hand sanitiser gel, which features your company artwork on the label.

Promotional Cocoon Earphones

Our best-selling Cocoon earphones are perfect for allowing students to listen to their favourite music, podcasts and TV shows as they travel to-and-from classes and campus. With your branding perfectly displayed on the case, it's a smart yet simple option to take your brand awareness to the next level.

Printed Stress Duck

You'd have to be quackers to not consider giving away a promotional stress ball to the students who visit your stand - and our cute Stress Duck is perfect for adding some memorable charm to their bags of swag. 

Promotional Stress Ducks for Unique Marketing Handouts
Stress Duck

Price on application

Branded A2 Wall Planner

Help students keep on top of deadlines and social plans with our easy-read A2 Wall Planner, which clearly displays your branding and guarantees awareness for your business every time it's looked at. (Which it will be, a lot, because there's a never-ending whirlwind of 'stuff' going on when you're a student.)

Printed A5 Academic Planner

On a related note, this excellent branded planner is as ideal for showing off your business as it is for helping students to keep on top of social events, classes and more. They'll thank you later - with their business!

Promotional Windsor Teddy Bear

For newbie students who crave a little reassurance or comfort, a teddy bear could make the perfect anti-homesick remedy. Enter our gorgeous Windsor bear - wearing (or should that be 'bearing'?) your logo on his T-shirt, he's a promotional cutie who's made for cuddling up to. 

Mini Hangover Kits

Set your company apart as a life-saver by coming to students' assistance with a branded hangover kit. Containing a series of post-Sambuca essentials, it will feature your logo and artwork on the exterior of the case and will position your business as a bit of a hero. 

Oblong Trolley Token Stick Keyring

A key part of the quintessential student experience is the weekly food shop - and it's all fun and games until you realise you don't have a suitable to allow you to unlock a trolley. Make things a little easier by handing out a clever branded trolley token keyring. This one, for example, attaches effortlessly to keys and will help make the supermarket sweep a load that's slightly easier to manage.

Printed Nail Files

Granted, a promotional nail file might not be the most exciting of giveaway ideas but it's one that's highly practical.

Promotional printed Nail Files branded with a design
Nail Files

Price on application

Coming into its own when your customer really needs it, our classic printed nail files come with a mirror on the reverse for extra functionality.

Printed Condom Foils

Perfect for an organisation that's promoting sexual health to students at a Freshers' Fair or student-focused event, our best-selling printed condom foils are an ever-popular event giveaway for students.

Promotional Fruit of the Loom Hoodies

For an impressive long-lasting giveaway gift, look no further than a branded hoodie. Our cosy Fruit of the Loom hoodies are perfect for printing or embroidering with your corporate logo, providing warmth for students as well as additional awareness for your business with each and every wear.

On the fence? These make excellent giveaway items for organisations and clubs that are looking for items to hand out to new members, as well as offering guaranteed wearability as the cooler months draw in.

Wireless Mini Charging Pads

Finally! Students are on their phones constantly (well - aren't we all?) so it makes sense to print your logo onto a charging device that they can use with ease every day.

Charged via a USB and compatible with Qi-enabled devices, our highly practical wireless miniature charging pads are ideal for keeping your brand alive in students' minds long after Freshers has ended!

In short, we've got all the freebies for freshers fairs that your business could possibly want to consider. Want more Freshers Fair giveaways? We have a huge range of freshers fair freebies for you to browse - contact our friendly and knowledgable team today to get your free quote. 

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