New Year's Resolutions For Every Business To Consider In 2021

We're very nearly at the end of 2020 - and after you've breathed a sigh of relief that this unrelenting year is finally (finally!) over, it's time to think about how you can improve things for 2021.

New Year's resolutions are a relatively common occurrence, with approximately a quarter of British adults setting them each year. However, have you ever considered making resolutions for your business? 


Sure, setting 'resolutions' for your organisation - as opposed to the regular targets and team goals that your business usually runs on - might feel a bit superfluous or unnecessary. But don't be fooled!

Creating a set of resolutions to kick-start the new year with can actually be a great way to add an extra 'human' touch to your corporate culture, as well as creating opportunities for your team to get involved, whether they're working from home or are in the office.

Whilst common 'personal' New Year's resolutions often revolve around weight, fitness levels and finances, there's scope to go much further with your corporate resolutions and create a meaningful impact that will be felt by many. 

Like the idea but need a little inspiration? Read on to find out more...

Show Staff You Care With Promotional Wellbeing Gifts

The goal: To remind your team that their wellbeing matters to you - and that it should matter to them, as well.

With the start of the year notoriously tough, January 2021 will be that little bit trickier due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Whether your staff are coming into the office or are working from home, it can be a difficult period of readjustment: think dark nights, icy temperatures and not even the cosy promise of Christmas to look forward to. 

Prompting your staff to indulge in a bit of self-care - especially during the notoriously never-ending darkness of January - is a great way to only create a sense of team spirit but to also ensure that they're on tip-top form for the new year.

Promotional products that can help here vary hugely. We've got everything from branded exercise items to promotional candles available, meaning there are options to suit every business' budget. 

Browse our full range of wellbeing merchandise ideas.

Think Of The Environment With Eco-Friendly Merchandise

The goal: To reduce the need for single-use items in your workplace, as well as promote the merits of eco-friendly materials, including recycled plastics, wheat straw and more.

The impact that single-use plastic water bottles and throwaway paper coffee cups can have on the environment is really not to be underestimated. The stats are scary: an estimated 7.7bn water bottles are thrown each year, whilst government estimates suggest around 2.5bn paper coffee cups are similarly discarded.

With that in mind, why not make 2021 the year you and your team endeavour - if you don't already - to incorporate more green-living processes into the way you all work? From providing your staff with promotional water bottles and branded travel mugs to choosing merchandise items that have ethical origins, there are all sorts of ways you and your colleagues can endeavour to ensure you're doing your 'bit' to help the planet.

And of course, the impact isn't limited just to your team. Rather, you can also choose eco-friendly promotional merchandise when communicating with customers, too. From eco event giveaways to ethically sourced mail-out items, we've got over 600 ways for you to go eco - be sure to check out our range today!

Browse our full range of eco-friendly promotional products.

Keep Your Team Motivated With Working From Home Essentials

The goal: To ensure your colleagues are as productive as possible when WFH, encouraging them to feel a sense of pride in their work. 

If your team will be continuing to work from home in the new year, it might be time to consider if there are any promotional items you can provide them with to make the experience that bit easier.

From fuss-free desk essentials to little treats in the post that will remind them they're still very much a part of your team, there are all sorts of ways to show your support to your WFH colleagues.

And it doesn't end there! The beauty of providing promotional products that will help your remote-working colleagues is that it will add an extra splash of corporate pride to any desktop - as well as ensure that they still feel connected to the organisation, even when not in the office.

Explore our full range of promotional products for working from home.

Give Back To Local Causes With Charity Merchandise

The goal: To support the amazing good causes that are based in the same area as your business, be it via fundraising or donating much-needed promotional merchandise. 

Whilst normal office-based fundraising activities - such as bake sales or dress-up days - might be a little harder to orchestrate at the moment, your team can still participate if they're working from home.

After all, the results of a fancy dress fundraiser or team-centric challenge can be shared via Zoom or Teams, whilst asking your staff to take selfies out of their outfits for sharing on social media is a great way to show how active your business is when it comes to good causes. You could even get T-shirts printed in your company's colour and printed with your design to show exactly how seriously you're taking your collective fundraising drive - which will also make a great memento for staff to keep afterwards, too!

If you prefer the idea of donating charity merchandise directly to your favourite local good causes, we can help! From promotional stickers to campaign ribbons, we've got a wide range of items available that could be useful to any UK charity. Want some ideas? Start by browsing our Event Giveaways section for inspiration - and if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, just let us know. We'd be delighted to help you source it!

From promotional pens to branded notepads, we've got all the promotional giveaways your business could need this winter. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email today. Main image via Pexels.

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Katie Clark | Head of Digital Marketing

With over a decade in print and digital journalism, Katie possesses a wide skill-set that incorporates everything from SEO to PR. Joining the team in early 2019, her expertise lies in writing sparkling copy about promotional merchandise and related topics, as well as managing social media activity and developing creative solutions to keep the Total Merchandise brand at the forefront of people’s minds. With a background that includes event-planning and volunteering for charitable organisations, she has a first-hand appreciation for the needs and questions a customer might have when acquiring promotional products for their organisation. In her spare time, she loves reading, going to the cinema and learning to cook.

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