Welcome To The Team! Must-Consider Corporate Items For New Employees

Planning to welcome new members to your team in the coming weeks or months?

If you're still working from home, odds are that you might not have met your new recruits in person yet. Rather, thanks to Covid-19 restrictions, they were probably interviewed over Zoom and have yet to properly meet you or their new colleagues.


And with many businesses across the country tipped to incorporate WFH into how their organisations run - and the government yet to advise that it's safe for offices to reopen - it might be a while yet before those in-person introductions actually get to happen. 

However, that's not to say that you can't make them feel like a welcomed and valued member of the team!

Whilst they might be starting their journey with your company from the comfort of their own homes rather than stepping foot into the office space, there are still things you can do to ensure a new hire feels just as part of the organisation as someone who's worked at your business for years.

how to welcome new employees when working remotely

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We've got a few different ideas to help you get the ball rolling when it comes to welcoming new employees into the fold - read on for an inspiration fix. 

Ensure They've Got What They Need To Make Starting Easy

Whatever roles your new starters are about to take on, one thing's for certain: ensuring that they have the correct equipment to hand will make things a whole lot easier for them from the word 'go'. 

Whilst they might usually have the option to raid an office-based supply cupboard for stationery, tech must-haves and more, WFH means you have to think a little creatively when it comes to guaranteeing company newbies are able to hit the ground running.

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For example: if your hires will be spending a lot of time on video calls to clients, make sure they've got good quality headphones and perhaps a smart backdrop. 

Even just providing basic items - such as a branded mug for their tea break or a promotional T-shirt that they can wear with pride - is a simple, low-cost way to welcome them on board without making a huge dent in your budget.

And of course, the beauty of ordering in bulk is that you can keep leftover products in reserve for use as and when required down the line. 

Send Our A Promotional Product Bundle Filled With Must-Have Merch

We have a huge range of promotional product bundles available, with options varying depending on the kind of quantity you're looking to order from. Whether you want to treat all your team to something or are simply looking for goodies to present to new starters, we've got you covered.

Available to order from just 25 units, our Corporate Gift Packs are a great set of promotional products to keep in stock for whenever a new starter joins your team. Each gift pack contains a water bottle, coaster, notebook, pen, hand sanitiser and mint card, with all items neatly printed with your logo for that impressive corporate finish. 

You can even ask to have them delivered directly to the home addresses of your new team members - welcoming them not only into the company but also giving them something wonderful to receive in the post, too. (And it's even available in a premium format, which features a box of chocolates, too!)

Keep It Personal With Individually Named Items

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to whole kits for people, you can still add a personal touch with our wide range of individually named promotional products.

These items all feature your logo as well as the individual names of your recipients, making them ideal for adding an extra thoughtful touch to your 'welcome to the team' endeavours.

With almost 100 items available to be printed with your logo and their name, we've got options to suit every requirement - whether you're looking for a lower-quantity product or something that can match your specific spend.

Browse our full range of individually named promotional products

Hold A Virtual Staff Social To Introduce Them To The Team

Whether your team is tight-knit or huge, staying connected has been a crucial part of the working from home experience for many employees. Whether it's been via Zoom, Teams or one of the other many platforms that have sprung to popularity since lockdown began, ensuring your staff are in-touch has been a crucial part of WFH for businesses all across the UK.

So with that in mind, why not plan an online social gathering to welcome your new starters? Whether it's a relaxed team drink via Zoom on a Friday afternoon or a company-wide quiz that requires everyone to get involved, it could make a great way to put a name to a face that has so far been limited to email encounters and formal video meetings. 

In fact, you could even invite your team to take part in an afternoon tea - the ultimate in elegant introductions, no? - thanks to our brand new Afternoon Tea Boxes. Each of these mouthwatering sets contains a delectable array of sweet treats, including a scone, fruit cake, tea cake and shortbread biscuits. All your staff need to do is pop the kettle on and pour themselves their favourite brew for a quintessentially English treat that doubles as the perfect ice-breaker, too. Cheers!

For more ideas, take a look at our Promotional Products For Working From Home range. Can't find what you're looking for? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or send us an email! Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash.

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