Where To Begin With Choosing Promotional Face Masks

Following today's government announcement that the wearing of face coverings will be compulsory wearing by staff and customers in hospitality settings, as well as by staff in retail environments, there's no better time to get your order placed for promotional face masks.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent impact of COVID-19 on the way we live and work, all sorts of social distancing measures and implementations have come into play to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the nation - and within that bracket, sits the wearing of face masks and face coverings.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally written in July 2020 and we have updated it in accordance with the UK government's evolving COVID-19 guidelines.

When Do I Need To Wear A Face Mask In The UK?

The guidelines are constantly being updated but it is currently mandatory for face coverings to be worn...

  • On public transport, including buses and trains (this excludes taxis, although Uber has made them compulsory)
  • When travelling by plane or ferry, with travel refused to those who don't comply
  • By visitors and out-patients at hospitals
  • By staff and customers in retail environments
  • By staff and customers in hospitality settings, such as pubs, bars and restaurants (unless seated to eat or drink)
  • By users of taxis and private hire vehicles
  • In supermarkets
  • In banks and post offices
  • In auction houses
  • In community centres, youth centres and social clubs
  • In takeaway coffee shops and takeaway food outlets, such as cafes or fast-food restaurants (masks can be removed if the customer is dining in)
  • Inside indoor shopping centres
  • In visitor attractions and entertainment venues, including museums, galleries and cinemas 
  • In places of worship 

List updated on September 22 2020.

For more insight and guidance on when to wear a face covering, read the government's official guidelines.

There are certain exceptions to the mask-wearing rules, with the government stating that face coverings should not be worn by children under the age of three years, nor by people who may find it difficult to manage them correctly.

At Total Merchandise, we have a wide range of branded face masks and face coverings available, as well as mask accessories that can help make the experience more comfortable for your customers.

Not sure where to begin? We get it - it can be overwhelming. Below, we've listed a few points of consideration that might help make choosing the perfect face masks and face coverings for your business that little bit easier. Need more advice? Don't hesitate to get in touch - simply call 01376 509092 or email info@totalmerchandise.co.uk and a member of the team will be delighted to help.

#1 Do I Want These Face Coverings To Be Reusable Or Disposable?

If you want to provide masks to a general customer base, chances are that you'll want them to be reusable. Opting for face coverings that can be reworn again and again (not to mention printed in full colour with your branding!) is a great way to maximise lasting visibility for your business whilst also helping your audience to adopt COVID-secure hygiene practices. 

Reusable face masks come with a host of benefits. Branded face coverings printed with your artwork offer effortless awareness for your brand, whilst also offering a green alternative to throwaway single-use masks. All your staff or clients need do is pop their face coverings in the washing machine and they'll be as good as new and ready for wearing again; you can check the individual product listing pages to get precise washing instructions for each of our reusable mask products. 

Alternatively, single-use disposable face masks are a great option to have readily available for customers who haven't brought their own masks with them, allowing them the opportunity to safely and legally enter your premises. They're also useful for providing to staff who might wish to wear them when working, or whilst commuting.

#2 Do I Need To Consider Face Masks For Children?

If your business focuses on a younger demographic or counts children amongst its customer database, you might want to consider ordering child-friendly face masks. Our range includes face coverings that are specifically designed for kids, with an additional small size available for little ones.

These reusable children's face masks feature your business name or logo printed in one colour. They're ideal for handing out directly and can even be posted straight to the recipients' home addresses for fuss-free delivery!

#3 How Can I Ensure Face Masks Are Comfortable For The Wearer?

Whilst strap-worn face masks don't necessarily scream comfort - those ear straps can rub, no? - they can be made more tolerable, which is especially important for workers who will be required to wear them for the duration of a shift. Enter our Antimicrobial Face Mask Straps, which take the pressure off tender ears and allow the wearer a more comfortable experience. 

As well as being printed with your logo, these branded face mask straps also feature Biomaster antimicrobial technology that provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms for the lifetime of the product. (Find out more on the product listing page.)

#4 Is There An Alternative To Face Masks That I Should Consider?

There is, although it isn't necessarily the one that your customers or colleagues would require in a retail environment! However: in certain close-contact environments - such as hairdressers and hospitality settings - face visors or face shields can make a savvy choice for your staff to wear. 

Explore our full range of branded face masks to discover the perfect promotional face coverings to match your business today.

Please note: We would always advise incorporating our promotional face masks into other associated health and hygiene practices, including regular hand washing.

From branded face masks to promotional social distancing products, Total Merchandise has all the branded items your business could need this summer. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email info@totalmerchandise.co.uk! Visit our Coronavirus Hub for more information and updates.

Main image via Pexels.

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