When 2 Becomes 1: How To Adjust Your Social Distancing Measures

With the brilliant and much-anticipated news that social distancing across England is due to drop from two metres to one metre from July 4th, now's the time to get any last-minute 'back to business' changes ready for your workplace.

Whether you run a shop that's recently reopened or an office that will be welcoming WFH or furloughed colleagues back over the summer, there's no time quite like the present to ensure your social distancing products are nailed once and for all. 


And of course, July 4th doesn't just mark a change in social distancing measures: it's also the date when a wider range of businesses will be permitted to reopen, too.

Pubs, hairdressers, galleries and more across the country will be throwing open their doors in what's being dubbed 'super Saturday'; see the latest set of government guidelines to see the full list of businesses that will be allowed to reopen.

So without further ado: what better time than now to consider all of the social distancing measures that your company has in place? From updating existing two-metre distancing signage to ensuring you have branded face masks available for colleagues' commutes, we're here to help your business on every step of the journey as we all edge ever closer back to normal. 

Browse some of our must-see ideas below and explore our promotional social distancing products range in full today.

Sort Out Your Signage: Go Generic With Distancing Artwork

With the recent announcement from Boris Johnson that the government is reducing social distancing down from two metres to a recommended minimum of one metre, it might be time to update the social distancing signage you've already incorporated into your office or shop.

Our new generic designs are ideal for cutting out the need for any future changes as distancing decreases in the future. Bearing a simple yet striking message (namely: 'Please observe social distancing'), these promotional social distancing products are ideal for reminding your staff or customers to adhere to government advice, as well as to use a bit of common sense to ensure they're keeping themselves and others protected.

From social distancing floor stickers to branded banners bearing messages, we have a wide range of promotional display and signage items available, with many - such as our social distancing floor stickers, shown above - suitable for use outside your premises, too.

Make Sure You're Topped Up On Promotional Face Masks

Whilst social distancing might be dropping from two metres to one metre, there's a caveat: 'mitigating measures', such as face masks, must still be used in order to limit the potential spread of germs.

Providing branded face coverings for your staff? Whether they're for wearing them in-house or during their daily commute (as is currently compulsory on public transport), being able to offer your team members promotional face masks is a simple yet highly effective way to help them feel more protected and assured as they get back into the swing of things.

Whether you opt for simple disposable face masks or for full colour branded face masks that can be printed with your corporate artwork, we have options to suit every workplace and scenario. Our range includes face bandanas, reusable masks, face shield visors and more - and we even have logo printed ear straps to help make wearing them feel more comfortable, too.

Browse our full range of branded face masks.

Work Out How Best To Incorporate Branded Hand Sanitiser

Keeping hands clean is one of the most commonly referenced means to fight off potential COVID-19 germs. So why not make things easier for those who matter most to your business by ensuring that there's plenty of hand sanitiser available?

Whether you opt for our bottles of branded hand sanitiser gel or our impressive easy-use hand sanitiser stations, we have a range of products that are suitable for your workplace, acting as a reminder to those who matter most to keep their hands clean even when a sink isn't instantly accessible.

For customer-centric environments - such as shops, museums, pubs and so on - consider hand sanitiser dispensers that can be positioned by entrances and exits for easy use as your customers come and go. 

For office spaces, keep it personal with individual bottles of branded hand sanitiser for your colleagues to use as and when required. Our promotional hand sanitiser can also make a great giveaway for your customers too; many of our bottles of hand sanitiser gel can be printed with your business' full colour artwork to the label. What better way to show your brand cares about their wellbeing in the current climate? 

Explore our full range of promotional hand sanitiser products

Consider Safety Details That Will Help Staff Feel Extra Protected

From protective screens that can protect against coughs and sneezes to promotional hygiene keys branded with your logo (and ideal for limiting direct contact with potentially dirty surfaces), we have a wide range of safety items that will help make people feel safer. 


With many available to be printed with your logo or delivered plain stock, these social distancing items are ideal for helping to add an extra protective layer to your colleagues' working days - as well as in some cases, demonstrating to customers how seriously your business is still taking social distancing measures.

Explore our full range of social distancing products today. 

Please note: we would always recommend incorporating face masks, hand sanitiser, hygiene keys and so on into other normal health and hygiene practices, including regular hand washing.

From promotional products for contactless deliveries to branded merchandise for reopening pubs, bars and restaurants, Total Merchandise has all the promotional items UK businesses could need this summer. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email info@totalmerchandise.co.uk! Visit our Coronavirus Hub for more information and updates.

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Katie Reed | Product Manager & Head of Artwork

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