The Branded Face Mask Accessories You Need To Consider

With face masks and face coverings now a legal requirement in a wide range of day-to-day settings, it might make sense to give some thought to the accessories that might make the wearing experience that little bit easier for your customers and colleagues.

Whether they're struggling from a comfort point of view or from a remembering-to-bring-them perspective, there are all sorts of scenarios where the right accessory can make the face mask experience that little bit simpler for everyone. 


When Do I Need To Wear A Face Covering?

Whilst the guidance is constantly changing, government regulations currently require people to wear face coverings when:

  • In shops, supermarkets and indoor shopping centres
  • In banks, building societies and post offices
  • On public transport
  • Attending a hospital as a visitor or out-patient
  • In places of worship 
  • In galleries, cinemas and museums

List accurate as of 31 July 2020.

Some of these scenarios can result in fines being issued if people are found to not be wearing face masks when required.

Of course, these guidelines are ever-changing; you can keep up-to-date with the latest rulings via the government website.

How Can Wearing A Face Covering Be Made More Comfortable?

Whether you're planning to provide your customers and colleagues with reusable branded face masks, printed with your own design, or simply wish to arm them with disposable single-use face coverings that can be binned after use, Total Merchandise is here to help.

We have a wide range of promotional face masks available, with many available to be customised with your business' branding in up to full colours. We also have a selection of throwaway face masks available, too; often plain stock and ideal for use in everything from shops to waiting rooms, their fuss-free design means they're the perfect choice for handing out to customers and colleagues for use as and when needed. 

And it doesn't end there! We also have a wide range of other branded face masks and promotional face coverings available, including face masks for children, protective face visors, face scarfs... And even face shields with branded baseball caps built into them! 

Anyway: whichever style of promotional face mask you choose to order, you could also give some thought to the extra special details that could make the wearing experience feel that bit safer or more comfortable for those who matter the most to your business.

From rubbed-raw ears to sore heads, prolonged wearing of face masks can sometimes result in user discomfort; and don't forget that. So why not assert your business as one that cares by providing your team members and clients with the accessories that can help to make the experience more tolerable?

Read on to discover our ideas and get in touch today to request pricing for your business if you spot something you like the look of.

Protective Face Mask Cases

The perfect size for fittings into bags or pockets, our neat Protective Branded Face Mask Cases offer the same level of practicality as a glasses case.

Allowing the user to transport masks safely when not in use, each case is printed with your full colour branding for a promotional product that's as great for brand awareness as it is handy to have in the new normal. It's not just for face masks, BTW; it's also ideally sized for storing face mask straps, too.

In short, it's a must-have that will help your customers and colleagues cut the risk of cross-contamination as well as generate positive and practical awareness for your business with every outing, whether stored on desks, in bags or even popped in pockets. 

Looking for more branded items that can help reduce the spread of germs? Browse our range of promotional social distancing products.

Antimicrobial Branded Face Mask Straps

Whilst all our promotional face masks are designed with the wearer's comfort in mind, it goes without saying that any face covering has the potential to start rubbing a little after prolonged wearing. 

Similarly, whilst many masks are available in a one-size-fits-all design, some wearers might find themselves struggling to hold their face masks in place.

Either way, our printed face mask straps are here to help. Branded with your logo, our simple yet highly effective face mask strap can be worn around the back of the head, helping to take the pressure off sensitive ears and allowing the user to customise the fit of their mask.

Individually Named Face Masks

Okay, they're not an accessory per se - but we believe our name-printed face masks are a great way to take safety measures one step further. Allowing your recipients to slash the risk of cross-contamination by arming them with face masks printed with their individual names (as well as your business logo), these reusable face coverings will add an extra personal touch to what might feel like a 'clinical' giveaway. 

We have a wide range of individually named promotional products, ranging from branded notepads to promotional pens. We're delighted to now be able to extend the service to branded face masks, too, with two of our best selling promotional face coverings now available to order printed with both your branding and the names of your customers. Clever, we know.

Browse our full range of branded face masks to find the ideal face covering for your business today.

Who Is Exempt From Wearing A Face Covering In The UK?

Whilst the wearing of face masks has become mandatory in a wide range of scenarios and settings, there are certain people who are exempt from wearing them. 

Within the 'face mask exempt' category are:

  • Children under the age of 11 years
  • People who may struggle with the wearing of face coverings due to physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability
  • People who will be caused distress by the putting on, wearing and removal of face masks
  • People who are assisting or travelling with people who rely on lip reading for communication

Find out more about who qualifies for face mask exemption on the government website.

Whether you run a medical business or a charitable organisation, investing in 'face covering exempt' items will undoubtedly help to make things easier for the people you work with.

Similarly, if you run an office, school or other busy environments where many individuals might not be able to wear face masks for health reasons, our face mask exemption lanyards and badges can help to make things crystal clear and nip questions or quibbles in the bud.  

Discrete yet perfectly visible fall at the same time, these branded badges and printed lanyards are simplistic yet highly effective means for an individual to convey that wearing a face mask isn't advisable.

Help your clients or colleagues wave bye-bye to awkward conversations and perhaps even confrontational questioning - instead, the people who are at the heart of your organisation can go about their business in peace, without fear of being asked why they're not wearing a face mask. 

From branded items for virtual events to promotional products for contactless deliveries, Total Merchandise has all the giveaways and merchandise your business could need this summer. Need help finding a specific item? Simply contact a member of our friendly and experienced Sales team on 01376 509092 or email! Visit our Coronavirus Hub for more information and updates.

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